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Michael Johnson


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Would be an excellent signing but I can see Mark Hughes exploding with rage if his best players start being sold out from under him a couple of months into the job.


Would love it, but don't think it's likely at the moment.


(Unless Thaksin needs to pay his legal bill)

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Guest Heneage

I gurantee he'll be one of the 100 of transfers that we all want and see no problem in achieving but nver happens.

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Guest ObaStar

I said we see not there isn't.


I see tons of problems:


theres 2 weeks left of the transfer window.

He will want to leave for a club in champions league or at least uefa cup

City don't want to sell him

We already have our final 3 targets identified and almost signed. (Should all be done this week according to Keegan)

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"M.Johnson has been qouted as saying 'I think the BBC 606 forum is a pile of shite'


He recently declared himself an evertonian who works at the airport making sure the kopites get home safely


He is also quoted as saying that Newcastle are a pile of shite who will be relegated next year and they are also a small club. He also declared Mike Ashley 'Mr Mcdonalds'."


Someone has been having fun.

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