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The GOOD NEWS thread !

Benwell Lad

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Mike Ashley has put our club on a secure financial footing paying off the previous regimes debts out of his own pocket AND he's English and drinks beer.


Dennis Wise, the player we hated, is doing a good job scouting and has brought excellent quality young and senior players to the club.


Kevin Keegan, that's the THE tactically inept Kevin Keegan, who boldly played 4-3-3 last season and blew away relegation worries is our manager.


Despite probably needing more players we brought in quality additions during the transfer window and in Jonas and Coloccini probably made 2 of the best signings of the summer.


We got £12 for the willing but average James Milner.


Unlike any other club in football we make worldwide news headlines when our manager doesn't take training, despite him having been in meetings until the early hours and it being an international week. We must be a big club after all !


Err.......... thats it for now.

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