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  1. Reading the Barca's official statement, it looks like they are putting the pressure on LaLiga, as the league will lose its biggest star if they dont give in.
  2. Regarding logical, in which scenario do you think Koulibaly is more expensive in transfer price negotiations with Napoli: a) Newcastle United FC wants to buy the player and the club is officially owned by Mike Ashley, prince of cheap francoise Ligue 1 signings; b) Newcastle United FC wants to buy the player and the club is officially owned by Stavely, Reuben and the Saudi's PIF. It is kinda logical to wait, but club's bleeding money all around the world due to covid also changes things
  3. the PL project return has obviously been laid out and for good fortune I am also saying this will be the day
  4. Its either PR bullshit as a favour for Ashley, or they are so far from agreeing on a price that Kenyon is now trying to put pressure on Ashley with a leaked "letter" to the media.
  5. Exactly!! praising him for the Lascelles card, what about Kasper fatboy Schmeichel running a third of the pitch to get involed
  6. Ashley the liar here as usual. Her third bid however is the one with the highest ensured amount, 250m, which is not enough for the greedy prick. She has to up the amount guaranteed for MA to close this deal. If they are serious, this should not be that big of a deal. But I know nothing of the valuation of the club of course, with relegation being a huge risk.
  7. 23 minutes. And now one can turn the game off and spend the saturday doing something else.
  8. They must have upped the secrecy and confidentiality after the bid leaks earlier. Too quiet.
  9. This- due diligence is a thorough and costly process, especially when buying from Mike Ashley
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