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From NUFC.Com - latest for job....

Guest Phil K

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Believed to be currently considering the SJP role today:


Heather Mills

Roberto Duran

Duran Duran

David Miliband

Churchill the Dog

Boris Johnson

Barbara Windsor


Update: Roberto Duran rules himself out ("no mags")


Inexplicably, none of those appear in the latest Paddy Power betting list online here.



PML at the Roberto Duran "No Mags" (No Mas !!!)  mackems.gif

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Exceptionally poor effort. (edit: from.com)

Thats fair enough

I really liked the Roberto Duran thing.

Struck m'funny bone square on.

wasn't bothered about the rest.

Check on Google for his great fight with Leonard - where he gave up, shouting "No Mas ! No Mas !" (No More !)

I dare say theres stuff you find funny that others don't eh ?

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