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Despondent R Us


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Despondent R Us

By Lee Ryder on Feb 6, 09 04:41 PM


Newcastle United have almost smacked out every ounce of enthusiasm left in the Toon Army this season but still 1,800 fans will make the trip to the Hawthorns hoping to see their side turn the corner.


Empty seats next season are in the post after the complete disaster laid on by the United board this season with Championship football also in grave danger of making an unwanted combination.


There will always be a hardcore when it comes to supporting Newcastle United and scenes such as those in the early 1990s seem certain to follow a campaign in which the Magpies top brass have been too slow to respond to even the most obvious problems.


Whether it has been through stubborness or through lack of knowledge of how to run a football club, won't really matter to Newcastle fans when they are stuck in the Championship.


So far all we can gather is that Newcastle United don't want or can't seem to communicate with their fans (underlined by lack of representation at this week's NUSC meeting or even a letter to apologise for not attending) and that the days of spending money are gone - plus the infectious figure of Kevin Keegan was chewed up and spat out by a system that works only in the realms of fanasty.


So if it is safe to presume that Newcastle aren't buying top notch players - then we can kiss goodbye to playing in Europe again under this regime.


And put up with mid-table Premier League mediocrity at best because if you don't put your hand in your pocket these days in the top flight the big guns will make sure you are outpriced out of even the top six.


Mediocrity goes hand in hand with "running a sustainable business" and mid to low table finishes or Championship football goes hand in hand with winning sweet FA, all of it uquates to lack of ambition and is a far cry from the "sky's the limit" attitude of Sir John Hall and KK.


In short, that means that Newcastle United - a club of great tradition with one of the best stadiums in the country and the best fans - is being put to shame by teams like Wigan, Fulham and Hull are showing Newcastle how it is done.


So much for Dennis Wise's policy of bringing in top youngsters for the future - Fabio Zamblera - one of the first signings of his new dream was offloaded back to Italy this week through the back door on a hush hush basis.


Then you have the mystery surrounding super Xisco who hasn't moved off the bench during a striker crisis that resulted in Shola Ameobi being "forced" to play against Sunderland.


Then you have Nacho Gonzalez.


Remember him?


It seems United can't, a loan signing that from Valencia that has hardly figured but worse still hardly even been mentioned in terms of how his comeback from injury is going.


A reluctance to scrap the two-tier management system is also eating away at fans who want to see straight talking from a manager who calls the shots.


It might work on the continent and it might work in business terms but it doesn't work in footballing terms.


And once again it seems to highlight a lack of knowledge on running a football club.


Going into West Brom, heads are down, hope is dying and United could end the weekend rock bottom.


Despondent isn't the word Shay.

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Shit article on the eve of such an important game. It's not time to slash your wrists just yet Lee, we are playing West Brom. Fuck off and watch City's game if you are still pining after Shay.

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