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Owen and Stanford

Crumpy Gunt

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So there are thousands more Fu**wits out there like "wor Ash" who don't do anything resembling due dilligence...

Ha hahaha Mickey, that makes me feel a little better that some of your "hard earned" (ahem!) might be lost...

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I'm sorry, but if an investor promises x-amount of interest on your investment, the figure of 'x' being way higher and abnormal compared to the rest of the market over the past decade, and you don't do your research or even stop to ask 'why,' then you've been had, and should be ready to wave that cash goodbye.


I do feel sorry for people who've lost their money to this wanker, but come on, if you don't understand finance at the very least get better advisors.

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BBC sports editor Mihir Bose wrote: 'Perhaps the most striking thing he said was that the credit crunch and the coming economic collapse does not affect him.


'He was not in the sub-prime market, he is full of cash, his business is growing and he is confident that even if the world crashed around him, the Stanford brand would be secure.' Or not, as it turned out.



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