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New Takeover (Yeh Right)


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From The People website.


22 February 2009



By Alan Nixon

Takeover wannabe Geoff Sheard is putting a team together to bid for Newcastle United - and is plotting a remarkable raid for David Beckham.


The Lancashire-based businessman failed in an attempt to buy Sheffield Wednesday last year, but claims to have financial backers who could fund a buy-out to tempt Toon owner Mike Ashley.


And wildly-ambitious Sheard is also making moves to hijack Beckham's move from LA Galaxy to AC Milan in case his Geordie dream comes true.





Sources close to Sheard say that he is 'days' from making an offer for Newcastle, although there are no clues about where the money is coming from.



Sheard's Wednesday move - revealed by People Sport - was supposed to have major foreign millions behind it through his contacts in the game. But, in the end, he did not put any cash on the table.



The Beckham plan seems even more outlandish, but an approach to the MLS to intercept the England star's move has begun.




Nothing at all in that article to suggest it might be true. No quotes or anything.

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Beckham would be a good signing even if he never played, the amount of money he'd bring in and the boost to the club's profile overseas would pay for the transfer many times over. Doubt it'd ever happen though seeing as his choice would be Milan or us, also doubt that this takeover talk has any basis in reality too.

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