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Reading players receive death threats


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Reading duo receive death threats


Police are investigating death threats made to the Reading players involved in incidents in which Chelsea keepers Petr Cech and Carlo Cudicini were injured.

Ibrahima Sonko and Stephen Hunt have received a series of letters at the club's Arborfield training ground.


Thames Valley Police told BBC Sport: "The club is helping us with inquiries and the matter is being investigated."


A Chelsea spokesman added: "There is nothing to suggest these threats came from genuine Chelsea fans."


According to the Reading Chronicle newspaper, one letter said: "We are going to kill you for what you did to our players."


Reading players treated the first letter as a joke and pinned it up on the door of the training ground dressing-room.


But when subsequent letters arrived, players were told to treat the threats seriously and the club called in the police to investigate.


Cech is not expected to play again this season after sustaining a fractured skull in a first-minute collision with Hunt in the game at the Madejski stadium on 14 October.


Cudicini needed oxygen after being stretchered off in a last-minute collision with Sonko, and only recently returned to action.


Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho hit out at Hunt's challenge, but neither Hunt nor Sonko faced any sanction from the Football Association.


Winger Hunt, on international duty with the Republic of Ireland, said: "The club is dealing with all my letters and I don't want to say any more."


Sonko confirmed he had received a letter but made no further comment.


Chelsea's spokesman added: "Naturally, we condemn any threats of this nature and we will assist the police fully if - and we stress if - there is any evidence linking theses threats to any of our supporters."


We passed the mail onto the police, but no extra security precautions were taken, the players weren't affected and it's not an issue."


Reading boss Steve Coppell played down the death threats.


"We wanted to keep it quiet, and didn't make an issue of it. We went through the proper channels and hoped it would die a death. To regurgitate it now is of no benefit to anybody.


"I don't think it's for public consumption. It's something different for the media to report but it serves no purpose to anybody else."



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It is blatantly Chelsea fans.


Mostly young wannabe hardnuts though probably. Like someone i knew at school, who sent death threats to that referee who retired because of it.

Who then went round the school bragging that he'd helped scare him into retirement.  :roll: And this kid is full on bullied by his sister.  bluebiggrin.gif


I imagine its the case this time as well, teenage wannabe super fans trying to show how hard they are.  :wullie:

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Really, you've just got to expect this stuff if you're in the public eye in the 21st century. I'd hate to think the kind of mail the likes of Beckham gets. Alongside the crazed fans wanting his kids, I bet you've got some proper bloody nutters.

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