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Almost perfick


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Call me sad and bitter, but it's been quite a season.

We get promoted with a likely 100+ points and pi** off all the gutter inhabitors who reveled in our demise.

Ar*s get spanked by Messi and win nothing this season once again.

The Scousers finish <4th and piss off their 2 quality players. It can only be the Scouse Mafia keeping Gerrard at Liverpool... why should he want to play for that team ?

Manure miss out on the title and prove they are a one-man team... even Fergie recognises that by playing him last night. The end of that tashless cnut Neville. Out of the CL to a very poor BM. They only win the League cup by cheating. I can see Fergie retiring, cos he's got such a massive rebuild to do and no wonga

The Smoggies are nowhere near the play-offs

Just need WHU to get their just desserts over the Tevez affair and extra, extra cream on top would be the mackems to get relegated.

There again, the prospect of seeing Bent missing penalties/sitters does have some appeal.

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"Typical Germans surrounding the referee". The senile old c*** makes himself look more and more stupid every time he opens his mouth.

Talk about double standards.

It's called Red Mist - and was created by Roy Keane and his team mates for exactly that purpose.  Nice to see it come back around and bite them in the rear.

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