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Just to pass a bit of time....


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Pick one! Fee free to explain why if you wish to.


Neuer or Buffon?


Terry or Puyol?


Lampard, Scholes or Gerrard?


Foden or Saka?


Kane or Lewandowski?


Ronaldo or Messi?



I've gone for Buffon just because he's not German. Both are obviously all time greats though.


Terry just because I saw more of him, but also used to love watching Puyol who was a mad bastard. Both were world-class, old school defenders though.


You can make an argument for all three as they all had different strengths to each other. Lampard was unrivalled for scoring goals from midfield. Scholes could control the tempo of a game much better than either Lampard or Gerrard, and could have easily played in any top league. But for me, Gerrard was proper Roy of the Rovers stuff for Liverpool and at times it almost looked like he was winning them games single handily. He was also far more versatile than the other two also. So I would go with him.


For natural talent, Foden would be a pretty clear winner but right now I think Saka has gone up a level to him. I feel like Foden has stagnated a bit at City over the last year or two, not helped by Guardiola playing him in different positions frequently. I think Saka has an elite mentality and that's what will help take him to the very top. So he's my pick. I would have said Foden all day long 12 months ago.


Lewandowsi is an even better goal-scorer but I won't have it that Kane isn't a better footballer. His hold up and link up play is better, and his passing is on another level. It's also worth remembering that Lewandowski has spent most of his career playing in Poland and Germany, the latter for Bayern who create about 15 chances a game. Whereas Kane has scored most of his goals playing in the hardest competition in Europe and for a pretty average side at times. Due to the fact that he's as good a number 10 and he is a 9, I'd take Harry.


Messi all day long. I admire how hard Ronaldo has worked on his game and looked after himself. He's come a hell of a long way since he was that scrawny show pony in his first stint at United. But Messi is on another level for me.



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