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18 hours ago, Lotus said:

There was some interesting data analysis from a German bunch not too long ago. Not sure what come of it.

They devised a metric that showed how many oppo players a pass would cut out. Players who repeatedly cut out a high number of the opposition would obviously score highly. Was a different approach to just measuring the distance of a progressive pass. If you cut out more players with your ball it was probably far more dangerous.

They also measured how many players were cut out by receiving the ball. Was another way to further judge a player’s effective movement. 


It would help people who don't understand the advantage of playing out from the back and inviting opponents on to you.


If you take out 3 or 4 opponents with some incisive passing in your own half and then pick up the tempo to drive towards their goal with less players between you and the opposing keeper, you're more likely to score than whacking it long where your attackers are inevitably outnumbered. But if the players at the back aren't confident on the ball then it can lead to some very embarrassing moments indeed.


Not to say there isn't a time and a place for a well-timed long pass, I'm all for that (Schar is a master), but it's about being fluid and finding the right approach for whatever is in front of you.

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We'll definitely see more 'false centre backs and full backs' like stones and taa as more teams try and overload the middle. These definitely seem designed to benefit a team that expect to be dominating a game, it's a way of getting a player like stones to be impacting a game when man city are dominating posession up the pitch where they would otherwise be sitting at the back waiting for the rare opposition foray. I think the answer when one team is gaining dominance by piling more bodies into the middle of the pitch is always width, try and bypass the midfield overload. 

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