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Guest optimistic nit



an interesting thing here for those interested in the championship batte. as of about 2 minutes ago 22, 21, 20 and 19th were all winning.

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Half Time:


Sheff U 1-0 West Ham

Arsenal 1-1 Bolton

Man C 0-0 Liverpool

Mboro 1-1 Villa

Reading 1-0 Fulham


Table at the mo:

Fulham...  34 35

Wigan...  33 34 

Sheff Utd  33 34

Charlton  33 32 

West Ha  33 29

Watford.  33 23


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Just watched Highlights...

Boros goal, absolutely fantastic goalkeeping by Sorensen, caught Brokenbacks freekick, then dropped it behind him over the line... Useless Boro defence for equaliser


Anelkas goal, some arsenal defender tried to save it with his hand on the line, but turned it in off the post..luckily for him i guess. Arsenal had a million chances afterwards and eventually got a bit of a scrappy equaliser.

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Guest optimistic nit

in the space of a few seconds boston are losing and wrexham score a third. out of the drop on goal difference now i think.

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