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  1. Please elaborate? I hope that that wasn't a serious question. I love the circle of posts which goes on in this thread. 1. Someone pretends to be ITK 2. People react with hope 3. ITK gets called out 4. ITK proved to be talking bollocks 5. Someone else pretends to be ITK 6. People react with hope 7. etc etc That's just one page Yep, all the people pretending to be itk, while they think they are funny, it’s just not. Likewise, all these people who are believing them need to give their heads a shake. Slim’s shite even made it into the Positive Optimism thread ffs
  2. The general idea of what they're saying is terrible. Ashley isn’t going to spend 80 some odd million each summer and we can’t build the team. The issue is that we all know that Mike Ashley lives. Corrected for you 🤔 Appreciate it. That feels more right.
  3. The general idea of what they're saying isn't terrible. If Ashley is going to spend 80 some odd million each summer and we can build the team that way like they seem to be implying, fine. The issue is that we all know that Mike Ashley lives in a house of lies and won't do that and there is nothing to suggest that he has changed.
  4. I think this is going to be one of two scenarios: 1) McClaren Mk II, where we keep him all the way until the last 10 games of the season, once again not learning any lessons. 2) Ashley + Charnley have convinced themselves they're footballing geniuses and we keep him even after he takes us down, hoping we'll bounce straight back up again, totally ignoring Bruce's record in the Championship. And, of course, we won't come back straight up. Honestly, I think you might be right on. Looking at my initial prediction, it has a sort of "best case scenario" feel to it. Which is so incredib
  5. My prediction of how things will go - we'll lose the next 5 and then you'll think he'll be sacked to give a new manager (God only knows who would take the job) the two week break to prepare and get something out of the Villa game. Only he won't actually be sacked. Not yet. They'll give Bruce the Villa game as one last chance to turn things around, we'll lose that too and then he'll be sacked only for the new manager to walk into a game against Man City, destroying any sense of a new manager bounce.
  6. Right, but once we hire a new manager that would be a huge sign that it’s not going through. As I can’t imagine BZG want Monk.
  7. kager


    I'd add Palace in there too. Tough run of games and no Zaha. They're a much worse team without him
  8. kager


    hoping we get at least 4 points from the next four games. Anything less is trouble. 6 or 7 would be incredible.
  9. With the added attacking fret that Kenedy gives us down the left, wouldn't be the worst idea.
  10. kager


    I'm at a 3. We've had 10 games where we drew or lost by a goal. In most of those we had numerous chances and couldn't put them away. If slimani can score like he did when he started at Leicester, 8 in 15 I think, we should hopefully be okay. Plus we have easily the best manager in the bottom 10.
  11. kager

    Transfer rumours

    Depending on what happens with Giroud and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, I'd try and get Welbeck on loan. No chance of that happening, I know, but he'd improve us.
  12. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/fe/Glenn_Quagmire It's all a guy feeling right now.!
  13. I've decided that this is happening. This is based on nothing more than a gut feeling, but for what it's worth, it's the same guy feeling I had when Rafa first signed and when he agreed to stay on.
  14. kager


    Looking at the table, I feel like we broke Norwich with that 4-3 last year. They've just crumbled since Gouffran's goal went in.
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