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  1. lmao still the same wullie after all these years
  2. Kamegai is wild. Hasn't been too hard finding a fucking stream for the fight. Will see how it lasts.
  3. Sturridge out for 4+ weeks with hip injury, will miss trip to Arsenal and FA Cup Quarter final + semi-final if they make it.
  4. What are the odds on a goal being scored by a Newcastle player in the next 3 games?
  5. Shearer9

    US Soccer

    it's shameful. Especially since most of these types won't watch any soccer after the World Cup finishes. I'm returning to the States in a few days, think I'll try to catch the game in the local AO chapter pub. Hopefully won't be as bad as that, but I'm already dreading the chants. The World Cup is bringing out plenty of idiots to watch these games. I enjoy the atmosphere but god damn there are some morons spouting shite the entire 90 mins.
  6. Shearer9

    US Soccer

    Jones is playing better than he ever has for the USA. Never liked him but he is repaying some faith here, been played in 2 different positions and put in 2 outstanding performances. What team will you go for now knowing that a draw is good enough? I'd go: Howard Cameron-Besler-Gonzalez-Beasley Jones Zusi-Bradley-Diskerud-Johnson Dempsey
  7. Croatia been twice as good as Brazil so far, deserved it. They are looking much the better side. Of course McManaman puts it down to "sloppy" brazilian defending rather than nice Croatian attacking play. Modric has been awesome so far.
  8. I think they have already said that Southampton B would be relegated in this situation.
  9. what the fuck is going on with this world feed broadcast?
  10. They must have been instructed to bring children to cut down on the vitriol.
  11. the walkout is just gonna be embarrassing, it will not play out well.
  12. Ben Arfa apparently also walking through the stand signing autographs.
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