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  1. Aye and a big 2 game wasted effort.
  2. That was criminal by Nunes ffs
  3. Like the Wolves left back. Lively wee fucker.
  4. Traore is an absolute riot. Everything he does is totally bizarre.
  5. This is a bad match. Hope it goes to ET though to annoy Klopp tonnes.
  6. I hope this doesn't inflate the wider market, rather just a temporary 'Chelsea are mental' effect, but I'm fairly sure it will.
  7. 15 league appearances since 2015 Surely it is criminal to just scoop up talented youngsters and let them rot away. Chelsea have always been the worst, and Man City, just so much wasted talent in there to the detriment of our national team.
  8. Weird desire. All the newer ones are utterly horrid; Jenas, Danny Mills, Clinton Morrison etc.
  9. Hope you didn't drop your tinned meat and blue drink
  10. It doesn't entirely make sense. 7.5yr at his potential wages basically doubles the transfer fee, yet somehow that's more financially fair.
  11. Is Ward-Prowse the best free kick taker in prem history? He always seems a little underrated but in fairness I only see his highlights, rather than his overall game.
  12. That seems far fetched, is there an article or anything?
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