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  1. 2nd September 2012 1-1 at home to Aston Villa Villa went ahead through a certain Ciaran Clark before Ben Arfa scored a belter.
  2. Great news that. 👍 As you say, need to strengthen and compete. Here’s hoping a longer term future can be secured.
  3. Followed the Diamonds since about 1964. 24 hour shift rota and move away stopped me getting there recently. Lot of history. 🙁
  4. ennyoueffsea


    Whenever the likes of Nadal has gone for a change he has basically taken a tee shirt and shorts in his hand. For some reason players, namely Tsitsipas and Djokovic are now taking a bag off with them. That should be stopped first and foremost, otherwise what do they need other than clothes?
  5. ennyoueffsea


  6. Had the yellow with green trim Bukta shirt bought at Stan Seymour’s shop on the corner of Market Street about 1977-ish. Few years ago I spent a few nights going through boxes in he loft looking for it, knowing I’d put it up there. Wasn’t until weeks later the wife admitted she’d thrown it out. Proper gutted. Needless to say, she’s nee longer me wife. 😂
  7. Long winded but ManU supporters getting their points over.
  8. Went the Odeon a few times. Remember watching the away game at Liverpool at the City Hall. Great times. 😊
  9. Even the ref applauding. 😊
  10. Ha ha I said last night I wonder how many of the four Hebburn snap up! Phil Turnbull works for the same company as me and works shifts so can understand him not wanting to commit. Think Hebburn would be a good move for him. 😉
  11. Four canny players have become available. Would Hebburn fancy a dabble? https://southshieldsfc.co.uk/club-statement-transition-to-full-time-training-model/
  12. My first away game that 1974 cup match. Totally hooked after that. 😁
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