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  1. Hi folk, booked a hotel to travel up to watch the game a few weeks ago with my two boys (5) & (7). Worried I won’t be able to get three tickets now. Any idea how I add/link a junior membership to my account? Won’t let me use my existing email and the boys don’t have one. cheers.
  2. When this thread reaches 1,000 pages - I believe the takeover will be imminent
  3. Will Be like a new signing..
  4. Anyone know if you can get a name printed on a 3-4year olds top? No option on the website!
  5. See Liverpool are chasing Tadic for 13m. Looks like a cracking deal for that price, wouldn't mind a cheeky bid for him
  6. John terry is available, think he could be worth a punt
  7. If Newcastle win the league I stand to receive a little windfall. Would it be safe to have a punt on Brighton at 2/1 to cover this off ?
  8. With the comparison of monies spent and squads, Surely we should be winning the league.
  9. Hello folks. Looking for 2spares for this if anyone has any available?
  10. Been one of our better performers over the last few games, don't understand the stick on here. Get behind the players, not on their backs.
  11. Is he back for Bristol away?
  12. Still on the lookout for two tickets
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