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  1. Just backed him as the next manager to leave his job. Odds of 1.3 on Betfair.
  2. Will make a move on this (or us with maybe +1 / double chance) after I watch them play today.
  3. Website is now under maintenance....
  4. For anyone that has seen Prisoners....
  5. Good, hopefully they lose to Liverpool and Spurs before we kick a ball again.
  6. Do we have any indication of how many season tickets might go on general sale?
  7. Delighted for him, long may it continue. Carries himself so well, would love it work out for him (and us). #eddiehowe'sblackandwhitearmy
  8. £12m Give him the armband.
  9. Give Ramsey a call and see if he fancies us over Rangers...
  10. Toon_Crazy

    Dan Burn

    Is he getting the train up?
  11. At that sort of money, given his age, surely it would make more sense to pay a bit more to get Botman.
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