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  1. The guy on Twitter who gets the Leicester team news says Maddison not starting. Praet in instead.
  2. I had the Collyer's on my Champ Man podcast and Oliver in particular was gutted FM Live didn't work out. They didn't rule out trying to do something similar again but they don't think there's a demand for it.
  3. Just ignore the one he missed at Newport! The highlights are so desperate they even included Burn’s header…the offside flag was up so it was totally irrelevant
  4. Relieved to get through, that really wasn’t a good watch. We still struggle against teams who come for a draw but thankfully not many teams are well organised enough to do it. Too many rusty players tonight and basically zero cohesion. Obviously got better when the subs came on. We got through and that’s all that matters. I’m off to dream about us bobbling passes about in the midfield
  5. Willock is there. Surely if he was ill he wouldn’t be?
  6. Read interviews/books from anybody who Gullit managed with us and they all say the same thing. He was arrogant and nowhere near as good as he thought he was. At least with hindsight he has realised the error of his ways. Dalglish I have a degree of sympathy, behind the scenes the club was a bit of a state. The books needed balancing and he was obviously very unlucky with the Shearer/Ferdinand timing. Keegan had abolished the reserves so that was less than ideal too. Tomasson went on to have a fantastic career but again suffered from the lack of Shearer (or Les). I wish he hadn’t disbanded the entertainers but I can at least see what he was trying to do.
  7. Problem with dropping Longstaff is it means Bruno plays that position. I think we are better off with him further forward. Two games in 3 days probably gives us license to rotate a few anyway
  8. Seen it a few times now that after an International break Howe picks players he’s been working with for the 2 weeks. Not exclusively obviously but with Almiron and Fraser having been away it would make sense to see Anderson play.
  9. Ashley17


    Fairly sure Lamptey now represents Ghana...
  10. I’m fairly certain Pearson is just a character someone has created. He can’t be a real person.
  11. Ashley17

    Alexander Isak

    Not quite the same for Maupay. New players have to be registered by 12pm the working day before the first game of the round of fixtures. Maupay signed Friday 4pm, no working days since so signed too late
  12. Be interesting to see if big teams rest players in this round given there's only one league game after this then the World Cup break. I'd imagine the non-World Cup goers will be desperate for as many minutes as possible before kicking their heels for a month.
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    They’ve played some pretty average sides so far. Coventry are reasonable but about 9th-12th kind of range, Bristol City have had struggles at home for a few years now and QPR are in flux after an awful second half of last season. They’ve won one of those games and I can guarantee if you look on Twitter or RTG when they were 2-0 up there’ll have been some of their great “banter not banter” like the HMS piss the league when they won a couple of games at the start of last season
  14. Good chance for the Thursday with us playing Sunday both before and after
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