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  1. That was him! Sound lad as well think it was just a 50/50
  2. Nice to see some old names back on here. Been around since it was howaythetoon in 2004 so hopefully a few more old names come back. We used to meet up in the Trent before/after a match in the first relegation season - Midds (and Mrs Midds), Dave, Mowen, PM, Shak, Tooj, Wullie, probably many others too. Good times. Also it turned out I lived opposite Jimburst when we were students which was quite random. Then were was NOFC organised by Stu/Yorkie/Pilko, getting stuffed by Preston and Stu’s mates were particular highlights. There was a lad called French-Geordie or something on here w
  3. Why is Guehi 13/2 to be booked on Sky? I thought he liked a card
  4. The win away at WBA in the green & blue away kit when Perez scored a flick and a Colo header, Dummett was one of the two CBs that day. I think he's generally been pretty useful at centre back but he's not going to drop the captain to play Dummett there.
  5. I think so, it would also explain why there's been no particularly strong links with defensive midfielders (appreciate there have been rumours of Haidara & Bissouma but not to the extent of various centre halves and strikers)
  6. Probably a daft question but to register Trippier and Wood we presumably have to lose two. Seeing as we had 4 keepers in there you’d think one will be binned, if Darlow and Woodman are isolating maybe that’s why Langley is here for cover?
  7. I don’t see what’s wrong with signing players to keep us up. Sure, try and get some long term talent in from abroad but they will likely take time to adapt and we don’t have much of it
  8. It’s 7am on Tuesday…
  9. This 13 outfielders (of 25 man squad) needs fucking off now we are in a registration window. Leicester have about 4 at the AFCON, Vardy and Evans have had ops plus a few other injuries. If you have a standard squad of 25, 3 are probably keepers so you just need 9 unavailable. Add in suspensions to the mix and it’s hardly a surprise
  10. All the puns aside, Chris Wood is exactly what we need (assuming there’s little chance of getting an absolute superstar) He would be a great focal point, knows the league, is tremendously consistent (double figures for the past 4 seasons), weakens a rival and could play alongside Wilson as well as on his own. He can leave in a year, longevity is not our concern right now.
  11. It's a squad entirely built and designed to work on the counter attack. When teams sit deep against us like today we have absolutely nothing to offer, just try to get wide and cross it to nobody, or get it to a winger to cut in and shoot regardless of whether it's his correct foot or not. Joelinton has looked reasonable in CM on the counter attack when there's space to run into but he offered nothing in that role today, we might as well have put him back up front. I respect Howe for trying to play it his way but it's going to take more than 9 games to change the mentality but also get the righ
  12. We tried that but he had crisp packet hands too
  13. Awful day and if stings a bit more because it’s the first cup game in years where we can’t blame the owner, apathy towards cup or any other non-footballing matter. We played more or less our strongest team and lost to a league one side. We made enough chances to progress but some bad luck/poor finishing has cost us. Dubravka - had little to do but looked weak on the goal. Would need to see it back Trippier - Does everything with a conviction and a few intelligent passes. Got wound up in the last 10 and played into their hands. Tried to stop some of the wasters going dow
  14. I’d be amazed if he doesn’t. I don’t think he’ll be in the 11 for Watford unless there’s a massive crisis
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