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  1. Ashley17

    Joe Willock

    I imagine Arsenal want to sell him to raise funds, he’ll want to come back here but we will only loan.
  2. If you think about our best team and everybody being fit and on form we should be nowhere near the bottom 5. The manager, however...
  3. Muto is in talks with Aris Salonica. We hardly knew ye.
  4. I just hope PIF are prepared to wait long enough for this shit to hit the fan (if the parties involved don’t find a way to weasel out of it - which they inevitably will)
  5. See Kev makes it sound like there’s a way forward, somebody earlier referenced this article like it was the beginning of the end
  6. Thanks. No wonder the PL haven’t settled if there’s a chance of further delays. I guess the next big milestone will be if this gets delayed or not then. If it doesn’t I’d expect the PL to settle or there’s going to be a lot of public information which I doubt they’ll be keen on.
  7. Can the CAT case be kicked down the road in the same way? I feel like if there’s a “do nothing” option it will be taken
  8. I’m not positive but it was only a few days ago Staveley said everyone was still involved. I don’t think they will be keen to lose face as what’s to stop other things they try to buy into kicking up a fuss? I’m deflated and less confident of it going ahead but I don’t think it’ll be because PIF walk away
  9. Wasn’t that the guy who took a strop at Saudis buying us and not MUFC?
  10. If it wasn’t for Mr Amanda’s tweet I’d be all up for speculating but if he reflects the mood in camp I don’t see how this can be a positive
  11. Ashley17

    Steve Bruce

    Yet we’ve given the mole a new contract
  12. I know people are sick of hearing it but Kennedy clearly has a source involved with all of this but unfortunately they don’t know if it’s going to go in our favour. Nobody does. We are relying on De Marco’s strategy to get this through the courts and that has been the case since about October. It’s all been about getting things in the public eye and a series of power plays will culminate this week it seems.
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