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  1. Looks like Norwich are going for the Bodo/Glimt manager
  2. Sadly as bad as he is that doesn’t change that he is our best passer of the ball. In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king. To be honest Schar runs him close and could play in the back three anyway so hopefully some fresh ideas will change things
  3. He’s got work to do to edge out the dog from Frasier as my favourite Eddie but I believe he can do it
  4. This is the problem with Zoom interviews, any old daft cunt can log in and put whatever name they want. Welcome Burnsie!
  5. They will aim for the sky and then they might at least reach the ceiling. I think that’s fairly common in target setting
  6. The alleged people being interviewed aren’t going to suddenly walk away because we got turned over by Chelsea. They won’t look at it as needing to claw back 6 points on Burnley or whatever, they’ll aim for 50 points or something (knowing 40ish - or even less - will be enough).
  7. I mean we won 2 in 21 and finished 13th last season. Anything is possible.
  8. Said he’s not retiring, but leaving Sky. Wonder if he would go to BT to front their CL coverage like Lineker used to
  9. Martinez to the end of the season as interim buying us time to get Rafa next summer…or whoever else.
  10. Will always remember "Ron" from the Keegan team, got Beye to do all his running and just let him deliver delicious crosses from the right. Then we got relegated, was barely seen until Hughton threw him into central midfield away at Scunthorpe for no apparent reason.
  11. Ashley17


    The ref at the weekend has been a linesman in the FA Cup final and Champions League matches but yes, he thinks his big day is Sunderland vs Charlton in League One
  12. Happy to contribute articles from time to time, lest we forget this is how Hopey started
  13. I think Hope said similar - they've obviously briefed the media with that official line. They've spoken about being respectful and I imagine they'll want to interview managers without any of them thinking they're a second/third choice or whatever. The odds are Fonseca has had his interview and has made noises to whoever that he thinks it went well - which is fine. They'll interview other candidates this week and then make a decision based on who they think is best, not who is cheapest or who will cause the least problems. It's refreshing and takes as long as it takes, let's trust their process
  14. Rooney is “ill” and not at Derby’s game today I see…
  15. No Joelinton is a bonus. Hopefully Fraser can start his NUFC career again
  16. Might be a stupid question but what’s the work permit rules now? Could he have to wait for clearance and that’s why Jones knows he has two games?
  17. I'm at the stage now where I don't really care who it is. Just excited to see how somebody new would set the team up and get the best out of certain players who we know are capable of better. I know it's easy to look at our goals against column and say we need a defensive minded manager but the whole set up of our team is utterly shambolic at the moment, it's set up to do basically nothing except get the ball to ASM. We don't do anything particularly well so I'm fairly convinced any of the main names mentioned will improve us by not being stuck in the past.
  18. Bruce: So that’s it, 999 games and just goodbye and good luck? Staveley: I don’t recall saying good luck
  19. Oh good that tosser who said it would never happen
  20. The contract could have any number of clauses in. The compensation might go up for every year he’s with us. It could be that the figures reported in March were wrong. Who cares? It’s a drop in the ocean now
  21. It was everywhere in the summer when there were rumours of a new deal. Luke Edwards was one and we all know his source is impeccable
  22. It’s been widely reported that it’s a rolling 3 year contract so it won’t be up at the end of the season.
  23. All the record books thought the last game was 1000 but Bruce was at pains to point out his first game at Birmingham he wasn't quite in charge or something (much like his last 30 or so here). Blatantly wanted the big 1000 when the game was on Sky in the hope they'd make a big deal out of it. Hopefully he doesn't get that satisfaction.
  24. I’ve often wondered what “whatabouterry” actually means but from Twitter today I can conclude it means “you have a fair point which sinks my argument but it doesn’t fit my agenda, so I’m going to dismiss it”
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