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  1. Atsu will be like a new signing filling that gap in the squad
  2. I think they’ll sell him, he can leave on a free in the summer and Yedlin is due back. Could we add Aaron’s or one of the others to the squad if he leaves?
  3. Kyle Scott must be glad he signed
  4. Ayerso

    Adam Armstrong

    Started for England U21’s tonight ahead of Tammy Abraham who’s on the bench
  5. Scored again today, 4 in 4 games
  6. Great cheers, I thought it would be today. Maybe we'll see Haidara back for Swansea
  7. We can't sign any of the freebies unless they are under 22 as we've registered a full 25 man squad today
  8. When do we have to submit our 25 man squad? Looks like we'll have to leave two player out
  9. Was at the match today sitting with Yedlin
  10. Ayerso

    Jacob Murphy

    Seemed to play on the right most games for Norwich but was on the left for Coventry when on loan with Adam Armstrong
  11. What about Divock Origi as an option for the left side, cant see him getting a look in for Liverpool
  12. Kone is off to Palace on loan from Everton which could help
  13. Ayerso

    Daryl Murphy

    Did he not used to be a quick left winger when he was at Sunderland?
  14. Was that tweet not this morning?
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