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  1. Ronaldo

    Nick Pope

    A considerable upgrade on Dubravka. I hope he stays fit.
  2. It’s just all graft and no guile though. He really shouldn’t be starting for us.
  3. Ronaldo


    We were / are in an ideal position to build on the last 5 months of last season. If we fail to do that, and essentially go backwards, why would we be in a better position 12 months on?
  4. Ronaldo


    I don’t think people realise the implications of us finishing in basically the same position as last season. We won’t hold on to our top players if we don’t show progression and 10th absolutely isn’t progression. We were 3 points off 8th last season despite our campaign only really starting in November.
  5. Ronaldo

    Fabian Schär

    He strikes a ball better than a lot of the players in front of him, to be fair.
  6. What exactly would you like Starmer to propose?
  7. If you think our better players won’t be requesting moves away if we finish 10th you’re dreaming. 8th minimum.
  8. Honestly, something will have gone seriously wrong if we finish 10th given we should be hugely improved on last season.
  9. Ronaldo

    Chris Wood

    The Ashley effect.
  10. Don’t even want him on the bench.
  11. Ronaldo


    Carry on with AL. Had a nightmare recently with them going to Orlando.
  12. Feels like most of his time here has been epilogue. But a brilliant signing overall given his fantastic contribution in the Championship. A good bloke too.
  13. Quite surprised so many are questioning whether it’ll be Schar or Burn partnering Botman. Surely there’s no argument for Schar to be left out for Burn?
  14. Ronaldo


    Smith’s putting on the back 9, man. Outrageous.
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