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  1. You're right then. He clearly used the incident to fleece the club out of a salary pretending to be a footballer and all that. I didn't suggest anything of the sort. He was just one of many hit and hope Carr signings for peanuts that didn't work. To attribute it to a tackle is stupid.
  2. He wasn't injured, though. There isn't a professional footballer, especially a wide player, on the planet who hasn't been shook up by a bad tackle at some point.
  3. Play on his mind years later? Shut the fuck up, man. He's a professional athlete in a contact sport.
  4. Dare I say that if an admittedly awful tackle at the JJB/DW causing no physical injury ruined him mentally, there was fuck all to ruin in the first place. He has some ability but he's never in a billion years a PL defender. Another stupid Carr signing.
  5. Wasn't he running like 3 days after the tackle? To say that ruined him is absurd even by N-O standards.
  6. He does, like the time we were relegated because we couldn't score goals.
  7. Two out of six ain't bad.
  8. Aye, fuck you, Tom. Fuck you.
  9. He did say it, though. Talking about Grenfell, not the student loans stuff.
  10. Why would Napoli be trying to loan Karnezis? Genuine question.
  11. Simply because he'll never work in Rafa's system I'd sell.
  12. What in the shitting hell is that?
  13. It's August in 2 days and you'll find people who are 'happy' with our transfer business so far.
  14. Ronaldo

    The Darts

    He was brilliant last night, though. And he was right about MVG texting VvdV.
  15. Loads of respect for you as a poster but this is utter nonsense.
  16. Steady on, like. We were poor but it was nothing compared to losing 0-6 at home to them 4 years ago and the plethora of other pathetic beyond words displays during Pardew's tenure.
  17. Ronaldo

    Loïc Remy

    Only you could get that so spectacularly backwards.
  18. haha welcome to the age of trump, doesn't matter...get enough people talking about something everything else is irrelevant Including the nonsense spouted by Corbyn and McDonnell re. Grenfell.
  19. People still blaming him for that daft goal against Bristol City?
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