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  1. We allowed Scotland to sit deep, no space behind (after a couple of early Foden runs) and made it easy for them to remain in a shape. Absolutely crying out for Grealish to run at them and pull them out of shape and exploit the gaps. Awful from Southgate. Show some balls and make changes.
  2. Let’s hope Southgate has a Sir Bobby Mexico moment and realises that he has to play his best players. Grealish has to start and they have to get quicker, better, movement.
  3. Does Southgate realise that Scotland have Grant Hanley in defence and he’s smoking a cigar at the moment
  4. Kane’s had no service, Sterling has done little and im not sure we need Philips. A little rejig in position would make a massive difference. We look like we’d be happy with a draw
  5. Absolutely crying out for Grealish. We need to shake them out if shape
  6. He’ll be available again by the time we get our takeover.
  7. I’d go for most shots on target over both legs. Might get a bit silly on occasion but should reward the more attacking team.
  8. Didn’t cost much, didn’t do much. Good luck to him. Great goal at Cardiff.
  9. Saw that, I felt at the time it was an unnecessarily heavy, dangerous block and that VAR might have suggested a red. He could have just stepped across his path but instead clearly wanted to leave one on him. It was a naughty one.
  10. Is that not deliberate dangerous play?
  11. Kante has been class so far.
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