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  1. Looking forward to see how we use him. He’s very quick, direct, taller than you’d expect and a bit of a shithouse. Longstaff/ Willock? I’d imagine we’ll introduce him gradually.
  2. I’m taking him agreeing to hand in a transfer request as a positive. I reckon he’ll come here feeling he has something to prove. He’s got some serious shithousing in him, we’re going to be hated.
  3. For a home grown 21 year old with a high ceiling I don’t think we can grumble too much at the price. We just got our money back on Woods (ffp wise) so that helps. Guessing it’ll be something like a 5 year contract for Gordon which will also help. We’d have walked away if we weren’t happy with the deal. He has all the attributes to fit right into the way we play. He does need to a bit more professional and I’m sure we’ll work on that.
  4. I’d imagine his team mates love having him in the side. The ground he covers and his stamina would be very hard to replace. He is limited and his shooting has massively gone backwards but he really does suit the way we are set up.
  5. Man U looking far too organised and disciplined for my liking. Could do with Rashford, Fernandes and Casemiro all picking up knocks.
  6. Get out of jail card. Think it was handball mind.
  7. Complete lack of composure at the moment. Keep the ball ffs, stop inviting them on
  8. Ref guessed and I guess there was no absolute conclusive proof. It doesn’t hit is arm, the ball hits his midriff and bounces forward, there’s secondary movement on the ball.
  9. First 20 mins will be huge. In the league game we easily could have been behind by then.
  10. 19, should have followed gut feeling for the wrong one.
  11. Tsunami

    Nick Pope

    Are there any stats on how many goals come from a keeper’s distribution? I’m guessing it’s very low. Similarly, how many goals are conceded by poor distribution (and, how many are from keepers who think they can play)? Pope is going to earn us perhaps 10 points a season in this form. He’s made a couple of fumbles and let in 1 dodgy goal from memory. Can’t underestimate how much we’ve benefited in getting him in ahead of Henderson and in place of Dubs. IMO, Dubs gets nowhere near that shot.
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