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  1. Tsunami


    Stepson was there, he says only 2 turnstiles were working and that it was a bit of clart on getting in.
  2. Can we list on page 1 VAR decisions/ non decisions that have been generally accepted as incorrect for or against us. Got so we’ve got an objective view on this. Being lazy I’ll go Madison penalty incorrectly given and then Fraser not being given a penalty against Man C and ASM against Leeds yesterday. There’s an argument that Armstrong’s penalty for Soton wasn’t clear and obvious but you can understand why they asked the ref to review it and overturn his decision. The only time I can say we were fortunate was the handball given against Dier but at the time i
  3. Tsunami


    RTG taking our result well.
  4. Tsunami

    Ryan Fraser

    He did ok, he was completely knackered towards the end with cramp (which explains his attempt when ASM put him through).
  5. Tsunami

    Joe Willock

    He was all over the place first half, better second half and should have scored. Leeds lost their shape after we scored and made it far easier for us as a result.
  6. That high bar again, must have different heights dependant on who the team is. Almost sure all the ones we haven’t been given would’ve have been given to the opposition.
  7. Tsunami

    Joe Willock

    Baffling, he’s playing like he’s had a stroke.
  8. Would be a surprise and a very welcome one at that. This has been rumbling on for a good while and while I’m sure he’d prefer West Ham I don’t think he’s ever dismissed us.
  9. Tsunami

    Football pet hates

    Referees who add on a minutes additional time at HT when there’s been goals, injuries and now there’s VAR stoppages and then inexplicably add on 5 or more minutes at FT for no apparent reason.
  10. We’re facing relegation straight in the eye, no wonder we’re struggling. There’s a good argument to be had that if we can’t get the right players in now that we simply go with more or less what we have and then reassess at the season’s end. We then either build a team for promotion or if we somehow manage to stay up we get the players in then when we’ll be a hugely more attractive proposition. We are completely in limbo at the moment.
  11. Tsunami

    Rafa Benítez

    His ship has sailed. He should never have taken the Everton job.
  12. There’s a reason why we’ve dropped so many points from winning positions and we did it again yesterday. We gradually drop deeper, don’t give ourselves options up the field, become easier to press and we lose the ball far nearer our goal than we otherwise would. We aren’t good enough to play keep ball. It was almost farcical how easy we ended up losing possession in dangerous areas when what was required was a ball down the line.
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