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  1. It is disgraceful mind.
  2. I think they’ll go on public sale (doubt ST holders will snap extra up before they go on general sale) but I’d get in early when they do go on sale to get 4 together in a decent spot.
  3. Tsunami

    Steve Bruce

    Would love to see Bruce resign and go on a rant. He knows the fans didn’t want him and he’s now being shafted by the club, I fear for his health. It was only a matter of time before it all unravelled, the only downside is that we’re going down and there’s no prospect of Ashley selling the club. We’re in a complete no win position, we actually need to avoid relegation and keep the corpse that is the club on life support. Ashley deserves the club to be relegated but I’d fear for us this time around.
  4. Tsunami

    The 'GOLF' thread

    Gotta hope one of the lesser lights gets an injury and Rose gets called up.
  5. It’s the City Council, the can keeps getting kicked down the road. A bid for funding has been submitted; it’s embarrassing to look at as it is. https://www.newcastle.gov.uk/citylife-news/tyne-bridge-restoration-bid-submitted
  6. Will someone please paint the Tyne Bridge, makes SJP look pristine. Let’s showcase the region by making a rusting, flaking, patchwork bridge the focal point. It’s an eyesore.
  7. Tsunami


    Just clicked on that she plays in Romanian colours, send her back. Nailed on for Overseas Sports Personality of the Year award. Sensational stuff.
  8. Froggy gone full on Man U fan 🤣. We’re rubbish and quite easily have been ahead; it’ll end 4 or 5 as we tire but, Man U have been very predicable.
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