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  1. We’re letting in far too many easy goals. If we do go for an attack minded manager they’re going to have to reign that in for the rest of this season. Get organised at the back and play on the counter attack, keep Wilson and ASM fit.
  2. We need to get someone in who can organise what we have and to stop shipping goals. This season is all about staying up, get a centre half, central midfielder and goal scorer in January and hopefully survive. If we keep shipping goals nothing will really change, we’re just not going to start winning games 3-2, 4-3. We need a Rafa type manager, no point in getting in an adventurous manager and getting spanked early on. We’ll be adrift in no time.
  3. Why isn’t this being criticised and why was news released shortly after the takeover was confirmed after months of doubt? Don’t see folk calling for this to be stopped. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/teesside-news/saudi-owner-wilton-cracker-set-21888419.amp
  4. My £14 away top from DH Gate turned up today. I haven’t seen an original close up but apart from the plastic feel of the logo and numbers it seems pretty good. For all I know the proper tops also have the same plastic feel.
  5. Tsunami


    Grumpy is doing his damnest to pour cold water on all of this. They’ve conveniently ignored or forgotten that KSA coughed up $1B to settle with beIN to get this done. They’re not going think job done, let’s be happy being an also run and further down the line let’s hope we really put some noses out of joint.
  6. None of them were bothered about The Spirts Direct Arena of that tatty advertising all over the stadium from our previous owner though….
  7. Tsunami


    I lost count of the number of misplaced passes he made in the first 10 minutes; it was like he had double vision. Some of his control was that bad that his 2nd touch wasn’t even a tackle as the ball was that far away from him. Lad’s hit the jackpot here, hope he’s investing his wages well.
  8. I saw him siting on the plinth, pretty it was the same lad I saw outside of Slaters when I came up the stairs.
  9. His first yellow was a disgrace, chopped the lad down in a nothing area simply because he’d been made a mug of. I’d fine him as much as possible, a second yellow was a knocking bet.
  10. Gotta say I didn’t see many tea towels and by many I mean less than 20 and some of them were worn by kids collecting money for Wallsend Boys Club (who thought that was a good idea). When I first got into town literally the first person I saw was dressed in full KSA kit and I thought here we go. Didn’t see a single Saudi flag; I’m sure there must have been some.
  11. The crowd got us the first goal and for the 1st 10 mins Spurs were shell shocked. Bruce ball then kicked in. I’ve just watched Wilson’s goal at home, I’ve mentioned before that Sky must turn the mics down, no doubt about that now. It was ridiculously loud.
  12. We’re going to have Saudi flags, tea towels, bedsheets, masks, half n half scarves, camels, the lot tomorrow aren’t we. And, the worst of them will be interviewed.
  13. Danny Rose been at the pies I reckon. Or too many chips with his fish.
  14. Salah playing for a move? …..
  15. They showed that against us tbf.
  16. I really hope he just gets ignored on Sunday, it’s amazing someone so bang average can get to 1000 games; that’s some effort. We all know he’s gone so let’s make Sunday about the club and the future. My problem with Bruce is that he was a supporter and walked away (he’s also a bit of a snake, man child and out of touch manager etc) there’s something in the water in Manchester. Bruce, Bobby Charlton and to a lesser degree Bryan Robson (but still fairly strongly) gave up on their roots and planted their flag in Manchester. That’s fine but Bruce can’t then become Newcastle manager and
  17. I’ll eat my own bollocks if Simeone ended up here.
  18. The narrative is being written about how difficult it will be to attract talent. I’d be happy with any trophy and forays into Europe. I’m not sure PIF would be, I’ll be honest, I’m a bit flabbergasted that this actually went through. The appointment of a top DOF is paramount as is a clear long term plan. Getting us on the correct path is key.
  19. It was the Moores family who owned Liverpool. Shankley was brilliant and Liverpool built on that. They were a 2nd Div club until Shankley got hold of them in the 60’s. Man U we’re already a force and the tragedy of Munich and the brilliance of the Busby heightened everything to the point that they cemented their place at the top forever. There’d been dominate clubs before that but IMO Man U and Liverpool benefited from circumstances of the time. Romance for Man U and Liverpool hit the top just as the early 70’s, colour TV and wider coverage hit the masses. Might sound far
  20. Do PIF have a 14 day cooling off period? They might just beginning to realise the massive job they’ve got ahead of them.
  21. He shouldn’t be there on Sunday, he sounded very bitter in his presser. Pay him up and ship him out. He’s going to get so much media sympathy on Sunday no matter which way the game goes. The game should be a celebration, there’s real danger it’ll turn into a circus with that clown on the sidelines feeling sorry for the millions his about to get paid. Absurd.
  22. Has anyone mentioned upgrading the woeful 4G signals in the ground. Btw Sir Les was almost the perfect striker, give him a nasty edge and he’d have been the best. He was a real Rolls Royce of a player and athlete.
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