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  1. Heard the new owners want to bring Santiago Munez back so he can finish his career with us. And apparently Gavin Harris is expected to have some kind of role in the backroom staff
  2. Their deficit will be massive with oil at $10 a barrel, I think it has to be at $80 to break even. Still got deep pockets mind, only thing it will affect is probably the investment they put into the club. The onshore oil in most Arab countries costs next to nothing to produce, so they will still make tons of money at $10. Offshore fields usually have a higher break even, the offshore field I work on for instance breaks even on around $14. Older fields or fields with complicated geology would have a higher break even, but even for those a break even on $80 would be extremely high
  3. Seconded. Verb second ‎(past participle seconded) (transitive, Britain) To transfer temporarily to alternative employment. Thank you Nee botha man. You stress the second syllable, seCONded, btw, in this use. Mad. Probably not relevant, but in the unlikely event it's for use in the U.S., "seconded" and "secondment" are not commonly used terms. Because we so crazy, etc. It's for a job in Norway, but the recruiters are based in the UK. Hopefully the interview will be in Norwegian, so I don't think it matters to much. But with the job market in the oil-industry these days,
  4. Seconded. Verb second ‎(past participle seconded) (transitive, Britain) To transfer temporarily to alternative employment. Thank you
  5. Random question, and absolutely not worthy of a thread I have to write a resume for a job in english, and I'm adding a time I was loaned from my company to another for six months. But I don't know what word to use. I feel hire would imply that it was permanent, and with rent it makes me think of an apartment or a car. Loan or lease? What is the correct word?
  6. Berisha is playing for my local team, and I've seen most of his games since he broke into the first team. And he is not nearly good enough for us, or any other Premier League team. And probably never will be. In October last year he scored his for the first time in a year, after starting almost every game he's been fit for. We even tried to get rid of him last summer, but no one wanted him except some of the other mid-table clubs in Tippeligaen that wanted to loan him... Theres always been big expectations for him, and pressure, because of his brother Valon, who actually was pretty good for us
  7. The whole thread from this page Even the other mackens are mocking him http://www.not606.com/showthread.php/195659-Danny-says-sorry/page3 That THEHOTREDHEADMACKEM sure sounds like a real hard fucker
  8. The OP suggest they sign Anderson and Nani, but viccarlton dissagrees: ''Oh and I wouldn't want either of those posers from Man. Utd.'' Catts for me like
  9. That is what the people at the hotel said as well, in different words Is it mostly towards the centre of life, or should we head the other way? They told us Digital was the place to go, is it good there?
  10. Me and a mate are celebrating New Years eve in Newcastle this year, but we have no clue what we are going to do. We're probably gonna do like any night out, go to some nightclub etc. But is there anything out of the ordinary happening or something in particular we should check out? We're cosidering maybe going here http://www.nufc.co.uk/page/Events/CalendarDetail/0,,10278~2755967,00.html. Any experiences with this? In Norway most people go to house-parties on New Years eve, and the nightlife downtown is virtually non-existent, but I trust that is not the case in the UK PS: Sorry if m
  11. Didn't Albert Luque join Ajax after two years on our bench (when he was included in the squad)? Says more than enough about the differences between the teams/leagues.
  12. Chelsea was my first thought Let's hope he doesn't go to Liverpool though... I think he could make them a good team.
  13. Millwall is a London-team, so they belong to the English FA, not the welsh
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