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    Jamal Lewis

    and Max Aarons who is more than decent
  2. Not even close should be manquillo, fed, schar, lewis or someone else. The left back is the only tough pick, from the little i seen of Lewis he really hasnt settled in and lacks confidence byt Ritchie is a liability without the ball. Christ, cant believe we still have to rely on paul dummett ffs
  3. Fuck me Krafth , jesus laczette and aubayemang will be delighted. Hes like an artic truck trying to turn
  4. Why would he be pissed off about Bruce if he wants to get in the French squad, wont be getting picked when hes in the championship. Im a big fan but he is a bit off that french squad at the moment
  5. They have at least 3 maybe 4 players on him now when he gets the ball, if we even had one other creative midfielder for them to worry about that they wouldnt get away with that
  6. Ideally before Brighton, huge game
  7. Bittersweet, nice but shit to have that feeling of disapointment. Worried if Howe is coming in now, seemed like a nice bloke and better than bruce which doesnt say much
  8. Emery would be the best we could hope for at the moment, he got shit from Arsenal fans at the end but so did Wenger. We need someone with PL experience so not a bad appointment at all if true
  9. Fuck me is he trying to out do Bruce, state of that lineup
  10. Man he claims to be an NUFC supporter but he managed sunderland for years and slated us along the way. He is the definition of a prick with zero class, should never be mentioned in the same sentence as KK or Sir Bob
  11. I would like my boss if i only had to work 3 or 4 days a week
  12. The one thing they kept repeating was patience. I want Bruce as gone as the next man but there not going to give him the chop before imo they have at least a dof in place first and then they will be looking at a new coach.
  13. Off to see Boris Brejcha in London next month. Going to see our game v brighton first...wondering if il make the gig at all now 🀣
  14. Jealous, give anything to be there. Enjoy lads πŸ–€πŸ€
  15. Jesus lads we are in for hell of a ride. Hard not to get emotional watching that. Go from Ashely to a lady like this πŸ–€πŸ€
  16. This means so much to all of us, its not about hoping to sign fucking mbappe or Messi. Its about bringing hope back to the club and most of all for me i can finally bring my two boys to St James'. I could not bring them during the Ashley years with the absolute state of the stadium and the atmosphere just not the way it was. Living over in ireland there is obviously not too many of us with lpool and manu the popular teams still,it was starting to give me anxiety worrying about them changing teams. I really want them to come over and experience the city the same way i did with my da
  17. Would love Simeone or Rafa and Keegan on the board πŸ₯°
  18. Hendrick nailed on starter now for rest of the season, 5 mins before he passed the ball straight to a wolves player πŸ˜…
  19. I think it depends on the doctor you speak to, i said im fine too and five minutes later i was telling her everything over the last 7 years. But best of luck with it pal, better than sitting in silence
  20. No point blaming yourself, thats something we all do. I was chatting to my GP yesterday and she had to squeeze it out of me. Hopefully you now will get the help you need man. Only can get positivity out of here from here on out
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    Cheers man il check them out πŸ‘
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    Flares i think but not really my cuppa...just yet!😜
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