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  1. They're only after Van Dijk. Koulibaly is back-up/leaked to spook Celtic into being more compliant. Would be very very surprised if Fonte left, particularly to Villa.
  2. That's a pretty significant increase tbh. Because they can be completely misused, "significant" is an empty term, unless you're talking about statistical significance. Given that save % is not considered to be a particularly repeatable metric from season to season (i.e you can expect fairly large variance between seasons for an individual 'keeper - even great ones), 'significance' is a fairly hollow term to apply to such a difference. Especially given that save % is dependent upon a number of factors, notably shot quality, which is tricky to pin down and compare between teams (current expected goals models are not really up to scratch).
  3. Depends how you define " bigger " can definitely Southampton being in for him and as of right now that's a more attractive destination tbh. Especially given he supports them...
  4. GG


    The Viking Studies degree is a good mixture of things that come under the banner of Scandinavian Studies at UCL. You study a modern language and old Norse, broad Scandinavian history as well as more focused look at the Viking age. There is also a lot of theology within the History, looking at the transition between old gods and Christianity. I spoke to the head of the course and he said it is far MORE useful than just a history degree as you work on a wider base of disciplines and subjects. This was really my first choice course but it involves spending the third year (it's a four year course) abroad. Not really possible for me with the wife and kids at home. A lot of the Uni's offer a term abroad in the second year, which I could get away with. I've also got to weigh up which Uni's to apply to. Do I put in the likes of UCL & Kings knowing there is a high chance I won't get in or do I edge more to the likes of Kingston and St Mary's that are ranked very low for the subject. Pretty sure that mature students are judged against different benchmarks. Probably worth contacting the admissions tutor at a couple of unis and asking, they're pretty helpful and will be able to give you appropriate advice.
  5. Looked like a headless chicken a year ago. Now one of our most important players, proper nice guy too.
  6. GG

    Grand Theft Auto

    Been proper lazy, anywhere I can order this online and get release day delivery? Or will I probably have to be a knobhead and go to Asda at midnight?
  7. Don't think this is the kind of game for him tbh, he'll do well alongside Schneiderlin when they're hunting teams who actually try and keep the ball. Not sure why he's seemingly completely displaced Cork, who's a lot more reliable on the ball, especially in matches like this.
  8. Not really sure where to put this, but I had a mainly NUFC chat with Andy Falkous from Future of the Left, and he had a few choice words about Kinnear. Interesting reading, but then I would say that. http://thefourohfive.com/news/article/football-prediction-league-gameweek-4-future-of-the-left
  9. Might aswell get Leon Best back in that case Deeney's better. Also, stump up £8M+ or don't even bother.
  10. GG

    Other clubs' transfers

    Some. Not definite tho.
  11. by the best side in the league tbf
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