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  1. Congrats on your former student athlete, SMU.
  2. Just exactly how old is this girl?
  3. My wife went into v-tach rhythm back in March and had to have compressions and such. Luckily it happened when she was already in the hospital. Had bypass surgery and is now doing great. Can only hope the quick medical response results in something like that or better for him.
  4. Fuck, man. Just heard about this. Hope he pulls through.
  5. The silly hat and shirt clearly a reference to traditional Saudi attire, the culturally insensitive fuck.
  6. My guess is that it's a bit of both. One prong of the relief Ashley's holding company is asking for in the CAT case is an order that the PL must reverse its decision about KSA being a director. That's pretty much what the club is after in the arbitration, through a different channel and probably somewhat different legal theories. But it's also additional pressure on the PL--and pressure is always what you're looking for in any kind of litigation, etc., as it's what brings things to a head.
  7. That's basically right. The submission is to the CAT itself, and it could do the two things you mentioned, or possibly a sort of in-between option of saying "there may be something here for us, but we've got to wait until after the arbitration decides certain things before it gets to our part, so this is on hold until then".
  8. Yes, effectively. Technically, it would be an argument that the CAT doesn't have the power/authority (jurisdiction) to handle the case before it, so the case must be dismissed or possibly paused (stayed). Presumably the argument centers on the probability that the arbitration will decide some or all of the issues that would be before the CAT.
  9. Good. Looks like they probably did then. (Though that's really awkward language, since PIF doesn't get declared -- it's making declarations of fact to the PL).
  10. Looks like one of those things we don't know for sure.
  11. That's ambiguous, though, and leaves open the possibility it was done through informal correspondence. I'm wondering if they actually submitted the formal declaration. Hopefully they weren't stupid enough not to.
  12. Do we know for sure that the PIF submitted its signed director declaration? I honestly can't remember.
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