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  1. I see Steve Coppell is available.
  2. Fancy "my team's not about to be criminally prosecuted and/or legislated out of existence" posters up in here talking about things that don't have to do with racism, misogyny, cronyism, and the joys of reducing players' pay. SMDH
  3. Are your dealers' lots nearly empty over there too?
  4. Somehow I managed to not realize until around halfway through the series that Riley's dad in Midnight Mass is Elliott from E.T. Same thing happened when I watched The Haunting of Hill House. It'll probably happen again whenever I watch The Haunting of Bly Manor.
  5. At least the takeover isn't depriving us of our regular dose of drama.
  6. I can sort of see that, too. For the record, I don't know anything about acting and am wholly unqualified to critique it.
  7. Flanagan's a big fan of the monologue in this, too, which doesn't much help that perception.
  8. Hamish Linklater's performance was great.
  9. The correct positions are: (1) fans obviously aren't responsible for solving Saudia Arabia's problems, they shouldn't be chastised for celebrating the takeover and continuing to support the club, and they shouldn't be expected to mount a protest campaign against Saudi Arabia; and (2) fans also should not be dicks who do blatantly offensive things like dressing as sheiks or waiving Saudi flags. Issue resolved.
  10. Somebody like Rudi Garcia could probably do the job, but probably more risk than anyone would want to take given our situation.
  11. That's all giving people a pass. If you follow the club at all, then at this point you know the issues around Saudi Arabia--at least at a very basic level--even if you didn't before. Going ahead a dressing like a sheik or waiving the Saudi flag is just poking people in the eye. "Virtue signaling" is one of the stupidest phrases currently in circulation. And fuck you very much for saying I was engaging in it.
  12. The fact that many people are somewhere in the range of willfully ignorant to callous doesn't mean it's okay to be willfully ignorant to callous.
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