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  1. I feel sorry for Mrs Bruce She has to see his sex face every Christmas and on his birthday
  2. Elbel1

    Danny Guthrie

    🎶🎵 In a shit load of debt, cos he likes to have a bet, Danny Guthrie 🎵🎶
  3. Surely it should be Eddie, WOW
  4. I left the bag of steak bakes on the windowsill to cool down while I Alex updated me on the latest online abuse direct to me. If anyone has any information regarding the whereabouts of these pastry miracles I urge you to get in touch as soon as possible.
  5. On a good day Bruce can be described as 'piss poor'. Never in a million years does he have enough ability at his job to qualify as mediocre
  6. Looks like the ir top scorer under Funtime Frankie is our very own Jamal Lascelles
  7. Actual quote from Bruce about Carroll taken from his post match interview 'I have to say that he has looked fitter than I've seen him and I've had him for the past two and a half years. That's great' How he managed to keep a straight face is beyond me
  8. No chance he ends up in Qatar His meat supplier got caught at the airport https://worldnewsdailyreport.com/qatar-man-arrested-for-smuggling-bacon-in-his-anal-cavity/
  9. Paul Ince has had more victories as a manager this season and he only got the Reading job because his son plays there
  10. If you bought him from Wish
  11. Elbel1


    Is it a cheque for £12m pounds?
  12. The surprise is that there isn't a surprise
  13. From the outside looking in I'd say that Everton are a flaming turd of a football club at the moment, in desperate need a strong personality to pull the fans, players and board together and find a way out of the disarray they are in. Is Funtime Frankie the man for the job? I have serious doubts about his suitability but I'm looking forward to the show
  14. He'd walk on water to get here
  15. But when he did there wasn't any need to focus on his defence as he liked to come out swinging
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