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  1. You'd think he would have realised by now that we get absolutely fuck all from referees (on pitch or video assistant) and trying to win a pen is a monumental waste of time.
  2. 8 for me. 6pts in the next two puts us right back in the mixer. 4pts just about keeps us within distance. Lose either or draw both and I think even a big spending January won't be enough.
  3. Lascelles and Ritchie both being banned for Tuesday is the best thing about today's result. They're both fucking shite, absolutely no use whatsoever, not as leaders and certainly not as footballers.
  4. Least of our worries at the moment, but... Anyone else feel like he's starting to get into an annoying habit of trying to win a pen rather than just fucking shooting?
  5. Ritchie's a bag of shit, beyond a joke now his continued presence in the side. Lewis needs to have a good game Tuesday and keep him out cos he costs us at least one goal every single week.
  6. Utter shite today from Twatwell. Every single borderline decision to the home side, a proper prick.
  7. He came on fairly late in the Man City 2-2 game (Beye wrongly sent off by Rob cunting Styles) and looked like he'd just come off the back of a three-day bender, was when Kinnear was in charge, may be that you're referring to?
  8. Landed in 5/7 games. Needed a Bournemouth corner, a Swansea corner and fucking three from Barnsley for £610.
  9. Free fiver on 3+ corners and 10+ booking pts for all the Championship teams in action tonight.
  10. Pilko


    Cockney Brent could be for the push if they don't win string a few wins together. Got a horrible feeling they'll tempt Warnock for one last job, give him a chance to end his career on a promotion, then aim for a higher calibre appointment in the Championship. Hope not cos I think he'd get them up & I do like Uncle Neil.
  11. Pilko

    Jonjo Shelvey

    I had a feeling he'd look better this weekend based on us getting men forwards and having more to aim for and more movement around him. Pleasingly he seemed to put a shift in, I just think we maybe could have done with Hayden rather than Willock to do a little more dirty work. Still can't stand the moody workshy cunt but Saturday was the first green shoot we've seen from him in about four year.
  12. Pilko

    What are you eating?

    Festive bakes are oot today lads. Spectacular as always.
  13. Pilko

    Sean Longstaff

    Thought he was crap yesterday when he came on. Gave it away cheaply and didn't add any battling or abrasive qualities to the midfield. Really hope he can turn it round.
  14. Pilko

    Joe Willock

    Shite today. Felt like he'd played better when Longstaff came on as he was even worse.
  15. Oh no keep Ole at Man U! He's doing a great job
  16. Really unlucky today. Brentford's first was shocking from a piss poor shit keeper and their third was a huge deflection after two lucky breaks in the buildup. As many shots on target today as you'd see in 3 months worth of Bruce games. Much better and a huge step in the right direction.
  17. Pilko


    Class today. May well be a footballer.
  18. Pilko

    Karl Darlow

    Shit cunt cost us 2 points. Hope he doesn't play for us ever again.
  19. Fuck me. Soumare towing two caravans there.
  20. I nearly phoned the bank to see how much I could borrow at that price, its actually Wilson to score first and Newcastle to win 2-1 for the avoidance of any doubt Still a canny offer!
  21. Goodbye Smithers. Hope MA tells him to fuck off when he goes for a job with him
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