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  1. To be fair to Penn he was a big fan of Hatem and had Pardew sussed early on.
  2. Enjoy a third season in League One, marra.
  3. Elswick Mag, TT, Berb, Walesie, Laidler were but a few regular posters from back in its heyday. Paully, Boo Boy & Uncle Bingo from here as well If I recall.
  4. It is almost as if we are relying on on a capricious fat knob head with a history that Thatcher et al would be proud of...how could anyone be suspicious in such circumstances?
  5. Will be a travesty if OMC's How Bizarre is not worked into a chant for this lad. Lascelles at the back, Mitro plays up front, cruising through the championship in the hot, hot sun etc.
  6. I detested the fat shed with his heavy breathing and stupid face during the Souness years, but agree it's harsh to blame him for our current woes.
  7. The hatred I have for this w***** is probably very irrational like. If he got hit by a train tomorrow afternoon I'd organise a f***ing barbeque. It's not irrational, his death will be a sweet release to all sentient beings.
  8. I'm open to his departure from this mortal coil.
  9. PineBarrens

    Paul Dummett

    If he dies, he dies.
  10. This day-walker still breathing?
  11. He's gone full-on onion mystery era Partridge, the weird get.
  12. 7 with a striker, left back and left winger signed before the deadline, 10 otherwise.
  13. tip or a fancy? tip Nice, good luck mate .
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