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  1. Only thing left for me now is to see what the result of arbitration is. If as expected, it goes against us, its goodbye NUFC and football from me. Literally cant be arsed with the pile of shit football club ashley has turned us into and cant be arsed to support a club denied the chance to be able to compete again by the premier league. It's completely pointless.
  2. Singing Rafas name next season when we play Everton at home may tip Bruce over the edge.
  3. That's correct. Some people love to piss all over positive things in life. They get a kick out of it. Very odd people to live your life in that way.
  4. Yet the great thickos of the forum STILL post tweets from Luke Edwards and Ben Jacobs. Class.
  5. I wonder when we'll find out if the case will be heard or not?
  6. What on earth was that all about man ffs.
  7. The saddest part of any of his tweets is when people actually get pissed off because someone else thinks his tweet may mean something.
  8. Between them I've just read. Football is fucked. Completely fucked!
  9. Post number 37 from that thread I linked sums these small time wasters up perfectly. "Got to get out of it this season. Really hope recruitment brings in hungry strong players who have the Cattermole will to win and like playing under a roaring gerrin to em crowd"
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