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  1. Not from the US tour then? Don't think so he was tweeting before about going to the match tommorow
  2. Toon army mia on twitter has posted this picture of him and colocini seemingly from tonight http://twitpic.com/652h6s
  3. His "Actual" agent has talked to skysports and said the move is off because he has an injury http://www.skysports.com/story/0,,11678_7081256,00.html
  4. 'A bridge to far: Wayne rejects move to Newcastle for fear of the infamous Silverfox'
  5. John carver said on totalsport that colocini will be able to play
  6. he isn't just not playing because of previous knee injury
  7. This is where you can watch the orlando game http://usllive.com/
  8. Skelly


    They seem to think that they are going to beat us with ease and have absolutely no clue what relegation and promotion are.
  9. Skelly


    Kansas city have posted the training pictures here http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150262116132042.346687.45625502041
  10. Skelly


    N'zogbia said on twitter around about the time the rumour was about that he wasn't in seaham hall
  11. John Carver said that they nicknamed him the Brick Wall
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