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  1. Si

    Tokyo 2020

    The BBC coverage has been awful from the very little I've seen. Know they have lost the majority of coverage but what they were showing was awful. Watched some gymnastics yesterday and barely out up a leaderboard or talked about where the Brits were do just saw people's events and an occasional oh this is the top three. Piss poor
  2. Si

    Stag Ideas

    With a good pair of trainers and at least 500 meters away from a school.
  3. @Mike do it! I left the dam in the morning no sign of Wolfie headed down the train tracks till o saw him in the distance noped and turned around. Headed down a path across a frozen lake saw some deer and rabbit and kept going till it opened up and saw another wolf attacking an animal turned around and headed back to the safety of the dam. Realised I didn't close the gate and shat myself but got lucky. I'll explore more tomorrow. Fuck it's good.
  4. Si

    The Job Thread

    I said in the quoted post "point made but it's not right is it?" Not going to debate anymore as we're not adding anything to the conversation. We'll have to agree to disagree about a 16 hour working day.
  5. Si

    Your Pet Hates

    Christ I need a hobby
  6. Si

    Your Pet Hates

    Oh golly gosh Bluestar you seem mighty salty. Maybe you want to bang Minnie? Sounds to me that you don't want to join the Mickey Mouse club? Also seems to me you are confusing famous and iconic with narratively successful or artistic merit. I'm famous golly gosh, bitch don't have to be prolific when you're famous. You know what I did in 1928 I don't know what you did yesterday. Oh boy Goofy is going to be mighty disappointed in me after this
  7. Si

    The Job Thread

    Do what's best for you mate but take the time to assess your options and if you choose to bail have an escape route. Keep talking if you need to, sorry we got sucked into a daft debate about your situation.
  8. Si

    The Job Thread

    I didn't ask if it's sustainable I asked if it's right?
  9. I might live here now, feeling brave behind a fence but he's not fucking off
  10. Si

    The Job Thread

    Point made but it's not right is it?
  11. Mike this shit is amazing, started a new game after Wolfie one. Tried the lake it went to a blizzard shortly after starting couldn't see shit. Found some portakabins and nearly stayed there after clearing them out but pressed on in the daylight. Could see fuck all then stumbled across the train tracks which led me to the hydroelectric dam. Picked up some venison from a carcass on the way. Dumped my gear in the front office after exploring inside, then dumped the venison in the snow. Went back out to explore as still had daylight to burn, had a quick wander then heard a growl behind me, legged
  12. Si

    The Job Thread

    It's part of a company the company has to budget and plan for growth i.e opening a new location. If that plan is working people like cunts then it's not sustainable or there should be a compensation plan in place for example more time off when open or a financial benefit. If someone says it's going to be long days and hard work I would expect it to be twice the standard working day 5 or more days a week.
  13. So far and it's early days but it's one of those rare games that turns out to be exactly what I wanted.
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