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  1. Si

    Rick and Morty

    It's gone to shit anyway imho. Might as well knock it on the head.
  2. The Dropout was excellent. I knew nothing going in too, brilliant leaf performance as well.
  3. Si

    NFL 2022

    Mahomes is filth, the range of passes and ability to just get the ball off. He's the perfect hybrid of mobile qb and pocket passer. Also Andy Reid is just fascinating, his levels of invention and creativity and keeping it fresh every year.
  4. It's great, but go for the second after. The second is majestic.
  5. Si

    Your pet hates

    The precision hit of flaky pastry straight to the back of the tonsils. But mitigated by the combination of siracha and a warm cheese & onion pasty.
  6. As in nothing to worry about bullshit?
  7. Hope it's good news mate.
  8. Isn't Producer for people of his level just a token have some more more money and status thing.
  9. Half way through The Patient, it's a really good watch. Just quietly gripping.
  10. Yes I agree with Troll, also don't think they'll have covered the whole of the first game by the end of S1 as I expect a few other game bits and the world to be expanded.
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