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  1. Back from the London game, absolutely incredible experience. Stadium is perfect, and the game was great fun. The Americans know how to put a show on.
  2. Si

    The Youtube Thread

    Watched that the other day, absolute class.
  3. Si


    When can we all bid to buy Wormy Taken style?
  4. Mint chocolate Cadbury Buttons. Borderline religious experience.
  5. A lot less than Hill House you'll be fine. I'm a coward too and Hill House was definitely scarier.
  6. I thought about Lions after the Vikings game. Feels like they are getting closer.
  7. Midnight Mass was flawless for me loved every second. I loved the big monologues and long scenes. Can definitely see how it's not for everyone but it was right up my street.
  8. Football Team, Vikes, Seahawks
  9. I loved it too. Directed well too had some great shots. It's daft and mental but it's supposed to be
  10. I'll be on the Craft then not touching Bud FFS
  11. Si

    David Squires

    If they don't you'd worry about the people basing their views solely on a cartoon.
  12. Si

    David Squires

    Where did he say all fans out of interest? He specifically says "except the ones who spent the last month's asking for just this" and "some fans".
  13. Si

    David Squires

    Also for the ones saying he's having a pop at all fans he clearly doesn't he says "all the ones who" and it's "some fans rolled out the red carpet"
  14. Si

    David Squires

    "He was funny when he was nasty about other clubs"
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