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  1. That might get busy tbf if it kicks off
  2. Si

    Random thoughts thread

    I hate compo face so much.
  3. Si

    Random thoughts thread

    A few too many times judging by the state of him
  4. Si

    Random thoughts thread

    Why do people do this to themselves?
  5. Starmer needs to gan radge not agonise over what type of apology will be acceptable.
  6. Ah shit I always forget he's mental. It has some truly great farce episodes that are a joy.
  7. Paraded onto the pitch like Benfica. The totem is pointed towards every stand for adulation.
  8. Si

    The weather

    The sky's got that weird tone to the light where it looks like it's just going through kick off properly.
  9. Si

    NFL 2021

    Watched game this morning, genuinely thought Bills were going to get something in that last drive. Was an interesting watch to see both teams fighting the weather.
  10. Si

    Comic book stuff

    Yeah can't wait for that.
  11. Si

    Who's ill?

    Ah man sending you and your family all the love in the world.
  12. The new episode of the podcast when they googled Avenged Sevenfold could listen to them talk for hours.
  13. Si


    Sending your family all the love and positivity mate. Hoping for the best for you all.
  14. I can't even comprehend how that got made.
  15. Si

    Random thoughts thread

    How is the post office counter service so unremittingly shit, staffed by the the product of an unholy union between an old tired cushion and a sloth.
  16. The final episode was perfect. Really enjoyed it, Gomez held her own too.
  17. Si

    NFL 2021

    Chargers, Pat's, Football Team
  18. God that's awful mate can't imagine what he's going through.
  19. Si

    Athletico Mince

    Mrs Beardsley is one of the funniest characters ever. There's one where she's in hospital that had me in tears.
  20. Si

    U.S. Politics

    Fuck the way they picked up on the situation is impressive and desperately sad at the same time.
  21. Si


    Sensible to check first, but don't rule it out mate.
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