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  1. Well, that makes our result even worse
  2. Aiston

    Jamal Lewis

    Literally in one game Let's not rewrite how shit he was last season when he got dropped for Ritchie.
  3. If our defence was awake and stopped the cross, we'd be praising Dubravka for getting to it.
  4. Aiston


    He's probably been our best player so far under Howe.
  5. Howe is new and almost all of us are glad he is here. But we shouldn't just not criticise him when he makes a mistake, especially one that costs us big time. As long as he learns from it.
  6. Aiston

    Jamal Lewis

    Looked better defensively than last time in the team. Still clueless going forward, like a deer in the headlights when he gets the ball. He just stops, does a little leg feint that achieves nothing and then passes it sideways.
  7. Poor decision to start him, Clark is shit and immensely error prone, cost us so many goals. Get rid of Clark asap.
  8. Both horrifically bad defensively but even worse is Lewis who is scared of the ball and going forward.
  9. Getting hammered 3-0. Really need 6 points from the next two though.
  10. I like Ritchie, he plays his heart out for the club, never a lack of effort from him. But oh my fucking god, Newcastle managers, STOP PLAYING HIM DEFENSIVELY. His defending ability is absolutely shocking, he should play as a winger and nothing more.
  11. Aiston

    Joe Willock

    Not sure what Howe wants him to do in a CM with Shelvey, he has to be further forward surely. Leaves us with no cover for the defence with Shelvey and Willock and Willock isn't really the player to pass the ball well or create chances or defend.
  12. Aiston

    Emil Krafth

    Piss poor from the management not to sub him off when he got his head injury, down for that long he should have been subbed. Head injuries just aren't taking seriously enough in football.
  13. Because he isn't a defender to be fair. He shouldn't be anywhere close to his own box, should be a winger getting forward.
  14. We get relegated easily with the squad, don't think we will even be close to getting out the bottom 3 with it, we'll still be cut adrift. Don't see us signing any good players at all to help us survive when we are in that position either. We are fucked.
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