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  1. Not everyone will hit the ground running under Howe, plus he came on as sub, sometimes it’s hard to get up with the flow, feel we are all being a bit harsh on a lad who’s had it coached out of him the last couple of years, will be absolutely devoid of confidence no doubt.
  2. Keegan won’t happen but when he came back the second time after fat Sam it took him a while to stop the rot but once he did he made terrible players look excellent, geremi as the pivot, Owen as a 10 it was great to see. I’d chance a 70 year old keegan for the rest of the season over most the current names mentioned, Martinez and Howe neither of those would get the place and players going like keegan would.
  3. I would sooner have a manager who was willing to move to the area tbh, not like they won’t get paid enough
  4. From a supporting Newcastle perspective I find it hard to disagree
  5. Yeah now it’s not there, the crazy times we live
  6. Just your post appeared twice, nothing personal
  7. You can say that again
  8. I made an error of judgement and watched the videos. Now it’s Fonseca or not anyone else for me
  9. Or would we not prefer a win, it’s not Sports Direct FC anymore, It’s not about Bruce anymore whether he’s there Sunday or not we shouldn’t give a flying f*ck. We have potentially just became the biggest club in world football and all you can do is worry about a few headlines in a paper?
  10. What’s all this ‘ratio’ talk people keep using?
  11. I will rephrase - which f*cking thread do I go in to not read all this sh*t?
  12. Is this not meant to be the celebration thread?
  13. Really skip Bruce is gone by Monday!
  14. Luke’s been a right twat. However this is a clean slate for everyone*, that’s how I think the club will see it, so many bridges burned, let’s start again. *with the exception of Bruce of course and Charnley.
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