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  1. Cort

    Kits & merchandise

    Look at that embroidered crest
  2. I know Man U reapplied directly for the Championship when they reformed in 2018, and this was accepted so I wonder if we can put an application in. Save Jackie Groenen from Man U.
  3. This has turned me right on. You heard anything about the timeframe - might it be done this week?
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CV_UmRLgeVy/
  5. Cort

    Transfer rumours

    Rescue Frenkie de Jong from Barcelona.
  6. Cort


    Because they dare to behave the same as Anderson and that lout Robinson, and don't take it like choirboys.
  7. Read somewhere they will disinfect the ball every time it goes for 6
  8. Cort


    They are also obsessed with Caulkin and one poster called him 'Thick as arseholes that lad' https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/christ-hes-off-again.1521757/
  9. Cort

    Die Bundesliga

    Her bf is Howard Webb.
  10. Jesus Christ that's tedious. Did anyone make it past 5 minutes? I have to be honest I don't hate Glendenning, but I do pity him. He's garnered this reputation as being a bit of a drunk bore, and even if it's true it's a bit unsettling to watch people around him joke about it. He also doesn't seem that enthused about his own job. It's lots of half-arsed pod appearances and talking points even he doesn't feel confident in. Yes, which I hate. Ultimately he's getting paid to watch, talk and write about football and he treats it as if he's stacking shelves, and then has the gall to chas
  11. Cort

    Kits & merchandise

    adidas for me as long as we're one of their premium teams. (Yeah I know their kits for Juve are rank this year but I'm sure they'll be over this phase soon enough)
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