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  1. He directed Prisoners as well. But his best one IMO, is Incendies. A truly captivating movie.
  2. He could've still been here 😔 He was my favourite player, still is in a way. There's many things i'll never forgive Pardew for, but this is the one that hurts the most...
  3. Great news Hopefully he stays cancer-free
  4. Glad to see he's getting some praise. He was great tonight.
  5. Just saw the goals and that was disgraceful defending from Lascelles
  6. Could we be interested in Cheick Diabaté? 12 goals in 25 games (17 starts) for Bordeaux last season. 6 ft 4 in as well...
  7. Thought you we're breaking out in to a rap there. Dissapointing Your spelling of disappointing is disappointing
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