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  1. feel like pure shit just want him back
  2. Ste


    I get bus lane warning letters every other month I'd say and I'm allowed to use the majority of them. Annoyingly can't use Askew Road bus lane, so I have to join the constant council created congestion to get back over the Tyne bridge.
  3. Loved Henderson's response when he was asked about what Jack Grealish made of being subbed back off. That's exactly what it's about, and something you could never have done with England teams of the past. There's genuinely no individuals, it's all about the team effort and what is best for the team. I hope they have enough in them in the final, I genuinely think they will. It'll be absolutely gutting if we lose, but it's been a great progression from what was already an amazing progression at the World Cup. A semi-final and a final in the last two major tournaments, hats off to th
  4. Commiserations to Denmark, they’ve done so well given what faced them from the start. They seemed gassed after half time almost, they’ve done their nation proud though. Absolutely.
  5. I think Italy also have to step it up a gear to beat us too.
  6. Think we'll win by 2+ goals.
  7. Ste

    The England Thread

    I'm going to go away and think about it for a while, but I do think that may just vanquish Shola on bike.
  8. Ste

    The England Thread

    As defensive as people say England are, I don't recall any of the teams playing against us being particularly attacking either which says a lot. Germany went a goal down and didn't change from their 3-5-2/5-3-2.
  9. All the squad tested negative this morning. Bit of a weird one, this.
  10. You'd imagine they'll be tested again, surely?
  11. Hard to see a player with Bundesliga and Champions League experience being too phased about appearing at the Euros. I imagine Southgate isn't as confident that he will protect his full back or maybe he's worried that he will take on a man and make something happen. Assuming we progress, our next game is either in Seville or Copenhagen, my thoughts would be on giving him a start at Wembley and moving Foden to the centre.
  12. Best of luck to Wales, I sincerely hope they do well. One of my longer term Euros bets is for Italy to win the competition, so today will presumably be the beginning of the Italians slide.
  13. Can imagine Jonjo, Alex and Steve Bruce sitting in a darkened shed wearing sunglasses, watching this footage. "Father, he's---" "Silence, Jonjo."
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