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    Is the mechanic wanting to change the belt and water pump and have a look at why it hasn't lasted longer? The noise itself could be a few different things, but my first thought would be cambelt and pulleys. I've heard a similar noise off a flywheel before but you'd know from how it drives if it was that to be fair.
  2. Ste


    A cambelt would make that kind of noise, there's a slight ticking noise too which I would say points to that. If it is that, I'd guess it's either been fitted wrong or there's an issue with a pulley and there's not enough tension on the belt.
  3. Ste


    Far too much turn and return football. Majority of players had the mentality of ‘don’t be the one to lose the ball’, they weren’t working decent passing angles in attack, they played the ball in the final third in ways that ensured the man receiving it would be the one to lose it. Bellingham and at times Foden were the only ones thinking ahead to their second touch to take them forward, the rest knew they were going to instantly shield it and lay it off. We’ve been told it’s a happy camp, the divides between players are gone, but they either don’t trust the system or don’t trust each other. Kane and Sterling played like they’ve just found the other in bed with their lass. When does Tomori get his chance if it’s not in his stadium against players he’s most familiar with?
  4. Ste


    How is that Bonnucci pass allowed to be controlled in space with three centre halves there ffs.
  5. Ste


    Gifted a throw in in Italys half. Sterling in good space points for the man to throw it backwards. Kind of sums things up.
  6. Ste


    We are becoming masterful at playing a pass in a forward position that ensures the receiver quickly loses the ball. Kane has done it a few times, laid a ball on in front of Sterling who gets a touch then is dispossessed.
  7. Ste


    Pretty timid thus far. Foden and Bellingham the only two who look like they belong. Next level players.
  8. Saw around the time I first started touching myself, 3 months ago.
  9. Ste

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I thought it was okay, then started running into glitches with the cyber psycho side quests now I don’t know if I can be arsed.
  10. Ste

    Rafa Benítez

    Being English, ex Man United, a perennial loser and having friends in the right places trumps being a *spit* filthy foreigner with their fancy pants tactics.
  11. I think we are 4 transfer windows away from getting the squad in a position that we can be happy with.
  12. Shame about the internet speeds, would make a canny forever home that.
  13. We’ve missed him. Quicker recovery than seems to have been expected, good stuff.
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