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  1. IF we invest in January and still end up relegated he needs replacing imo.
  2. He’s our best player and had zero service against Arsenal.
  3. I think it’s a good point but we were super defensive from the first minute. i think the plan was to keep it tight until half time at least.
  4. The thing that I don’t quite understand is if we were setting out to be defensive why select that team
  5. I agree Shelvey wasn’t but if your playing with a ASM and a Wilock you probably want two very defensively minded central midfielders. (Which we currently don’t have
  6. That’s the thing, clearly Wilock is very talented but but not as part of a central midfield two. He’s a forward thinking player who has no bravery so pairing him with Shelvey at this level is just poor selection. hopefully Howe learns from this as doesn’t try it again against a side which is much beater than we are and love to overload The Central midfield.
  7. Also arsenal really demonstrate we need to tear up our academy and start again with it. we produce absolutely nothing where as Arsenal have several talented players come through.
  8. Exactly. I wrote in the pre game thread if we persist with these two in central midfield we will be complaining our defence is awful.
  9. Playing a central midfield pair of Shelvey and Wilock is a mistake mind.
  10. We definitely didn’t get Howe in too late. Especially when you compare it to when we got Rafa in.
  11. He really isn’t suited to playing for a bad team. he needs the ball high and early to be at his most effective.
  12. Krafh did pretty much the same and got a yellow card.
  13. Wilock offers absolutely nothing in this system too.
  14. Energy level of our lot has dropped off a cliff. Struggling to maintain shape.
  15. My bold prediction is The Central midfield provides zero protection for the defence and we all talk about how useless are defenders are.
  16. Hmmm a Tory government reviewing forcing asset sales on a diplomatic alley? Not happening.
  17. r0cafella

    U.S. Politics

    Killed a Lib therefore he’s a a maga hero.
  18. Hang on, Tory Donors the Reuben’s are having HMRC moving into a building they own? Am I reading that correctly?
  19. Tories continue to piss on the so called red wall with the health and social care amendment. The Tories really struck gold with Brexit, too bad the British public will be the bag holders for these utters frauds.
  20. Not defending him but I heard boos whenever he touched the ball. Might have prompted his reaction.
  21. No, he’s a shit manager who has no business managing a club of such ambition or stature.
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