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  1. You`re right as far as I can remember, it went `fuck off Peyter Reid` though. We were at this pub at Villa around that time and the track by the Monkees (how apt) just got played on a loop for about an hour
  2. Aye bring the old ones back. Still think our finest moment was rhyming Peyter Reid with monkey`s heed, that`s move over John Lennon territory
  3. I`d sooner have Alli than Lingard, Ramsey and that tart from Norwich
  4. Holloway


    The increased awareness he`s shown has been a revelation, he`s great at nicking the ball off opponents through his anticipation
  5. Could tell he was in the mood from the off yesterday, had an urgency about him that is all too rare. Also saw a few pics of him afterwards and he was beaming, which is rarer still
  6. Would be glorious if we can help drag these scummy bastards into the mix
  7. Loved how we kept going forward there, should really have wrapped it up and saved me the palpies
  8. Shout out to Manqs coming on there, he won everything and set the free kick up for the goal
  9. Notable absence of certain posters since the goal,eh
  10. Holloway

    Chris Wood

    Fucking brilliant 😎
  11. Wood is Lurch out of the fucking Adams family
  12. Fraser put that away you fucking plank, my heart is on 300bpm
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