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  1. Dragon's Dogma. Gameplay: 8/10 For a console port, this worked surprisingly well with keyboard and mouse. What's up with the needless amounts of menu hopping though? Very counter-intuitive. Two different menus for your inventory for example. Story, characters, writing, ending: 3/10 The story wasn't really there for the majority of the game, but then it just went into full on weird when something happened.
  2. Nattfare


    16 times the planets?
  3. They thought they could counter Schick with Lick.
  4. Well, that's lovely. Won't be able to finish Solasta now as the next step in the main quest doesn't trigger. Hopefully they will roll out a fix for that, otherwise that's that game done.
  5. It's what you get from any game with dice rolls really. I agree that you seem to roll 1's more often than any other game of this type. Although I tend to like these old-fashioned RPG's, it's annoying when success in many encounters relies almost completely on dumb luck with the rolls. 40 hours in so far on it. It's decent, but the story really isn't very interesting, nor are the characters. That you only have Fighter, Paladin, Cleric, Ranger, Rogue and Wizard to choose from is a bummer. There isn't a huge deal of variety you can put on your party composition. Since I've pla
  6. It tells a good story, I agree with that. Liked the story and the characters more than Mafia 2. I haven't played Mafia 3. Ran into a glitch in sniping the politician was dead and bleeding all over the floor... while the game told me that he was getting away causing me to fail. Fortunately the reload put me after I had killed him anyway.
  7. Mafia: Definitive Edition Played it on Classic difficulty, which can easily become a frustrating affair. Especially in the race mission and when you defend the truck from the police cars. The people who designed those missions in both the original and DE deserve a punch in the face. They were that annoying to me. The shooting moments on classic were so-so. They tried to blend the original's mechanics with a cover shooter. Which means getting hit very often when you pop out to shoot an enemy. With the limited health some of those moments can become tricky when you have to go
  8. Wolfenstein: New Order Had a better experience playing this compared to Old Blood. In Old Blood textures always took a second to load whenever you looked at them, making everything look blurry a lot. While the camera movement could be laggy, making the aiming very unpleasant. Had none of those issues in New Order. The shooting was solid and the story ridiculous (it is Wolfenstein after all). I feel the game loved a bit too much to surround you in the shooting arenas. BJ is pretty slow even when sprinting, so it is very hard to avoid taking damage when the enemies shoot from all
  9. Black Mesa It stayed fairly loyal to the original. With some changes to some of the levels. Xen got a complete overhaul and they made On A Rail very different. Otherwise the game was all right. Played like Half-Life, which you would expect. There were some moments where I would get stuck on terrain or invisible objects. The jumping and the ladders were awkward too. 7/10
  10. Guess we should praise him for finally playing Dúbravka over Darlow, when it is so obvious, aye.
  11. Hope he will brace his back properly now considering that Bruce will expect him to carry the whole team on it.
  12. You mean he wasn't unbearable before?
  13. https://thqnordic.com/article/enhance-your-adventure-gothic-remake-feature-game-store
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