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  1. 10 This team just don’t have what it takes.
  2. 2 points from Palace away, Chelsea home and Brighton away is a decent return in isolation, but fear we'll be cut adrift with the December run of fixtures. Let's hope we can take advantage of the home games before then.
  3. Barely noticed Almiron was on the pitch. The Clark - Ritchie partnership on the left side of the defence is just horrific.
  4. Appreciate the rapid turnaround on the takeover, but a sporting director really should be in place now.
  5. Hope he does manage to bring all his backroom staff with him, we need a clean sweep of the existing setup, Jones included.
  6. Wenger would be class. There is a (slight) connection in that he's currently leading FIFA's proposals to establish a biennial World Cup. The concept of which, was first suggested to FIFA by Saudi Arabia. I would be surprised if PIF intermediaries haven't at least sounded out the admittedly remote possibility.
  7. 7 Today was a valuable point, if you look at it in isolation. If we can get something away at Brighton and hopefully take maximum points at home to Brentford, Norwich and Burnley, we'll be in an okay position going into January.
  8. I don't really understand the short-term thinking from the majority of the clubs in the league, surely it makes your clubs less attractive to sell on when you implement regulation like this?
  9. I think Fonesca would be an exciting appointment, but then reality hits when I remember the dreadful squad we have.
  10. Yeah I mean, it's not like he's managed Aston Villa, Newcastle and Sunderland for significant periods of time. Some of the most illustrious football clubs in England.
  11. They've handled this so badly, there's no redeeming benefit of him staying a moment longer when you look at it. We haven't won a game all season, there's no risk to making the change even if an academy coach has to step in for a game.
  12. Would have been wonderful to see such vested interest in our sponsorship opportunities any time in the last 14 years where we got fuck all from Sports Direct, making us inherently uncompetitive.
  13. No top-level manager is going to go near this job with this group of players. As much as I want the likes of Conte, it's just not going to happen. I think we'll end up appointing Lampard.
  14. Imagine if Villa never sacked him years back, he'd still have them mid-table in the Championship declaring he's 'battling on' after a 1-1 draw at home with Bristol City or whoever.
  15. His attitude since the day he arrived has been utter shit Shelvey has always stood out in our squads for being an unprofessional idiot who couldn't give a fuck, as well as being a worthless player. At least the rest of them, even if they're largely shit, have more often than not, been willing triers.
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