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  1. A new 12-minute gameplay demo running on Unreal Engine 5
  2. Those Sancho quotes make no sense at all, he's been playing in some of the biggest European games through the Champions League, not to mention challenging for domestic titles, so why would a major tournament be any different for a player of that talent? Plus, it's an inconsistent argument when players like Foden, Mount, James, Rice, Phillips and whoever else have all participated so far.
  3. I see what you're saying, but moment-to-moment during that game, we were so flat and laborious both in attack and defense and that was present from the first minute. So, it's not surprising whatsoever that the crowd eventually lost patience and the blame for that primarily resides with the management's approach to the game. Mings' interview afterwards also suggested the players just weren't really that motivated and if that's an issue facing Scotland for the first time in how many years in a major competition at Wembley, then that's very strange and suggests complacency in the set-
  4. Don't see any issue in the crowd making their displeasure known to the players and staff. They were utterly hopeless and didn't seem motivated to exert themselves on the game whatsoever. Observers may highlight the booing as illustrative of an 'English arrogance / entitlement' on behalf of the fanbase. From my perspective, that was actually demonstrated by the players and management last night, they turned up expecting a far easier game.
  5. He was hopeless, but the entire system we're playing at the moment seems to stifle any creativity and discourage attacking at pace. I would certainly argue that Kane needs to be dropped, but the bigger priority is retooling how we're going to play with this squad of players.
  6. Southgate really is so Bruce-esque in his press conferences "Still working out the patterns in attack"- How long have you been in charge for now, four years? Then blaming the lack of tempo on young players possibly being overawed at the occasion. Yeah not like many of them have been winning major honors this season in some of the biggest games, not the least the Champions League just a month or so back. He's such a twat, he'll play the exact same system next week, has no idea how to change it.
  7. Footage was all in-game apparently. Also here's a summary of all details provided so far in various interviews etc. - can be played in 1st & 3rd person - grounded in scientific reality but "still a game" (there are lasers in a vacuum) - alien races and planets - "It's very big" - takes place over 300 years in our future - similar to Skyrim in terms of structure - many factions but the main one is Constellation - focus on making the game world feel lived-in - 100's of hours of gameplay -"NASA-punk": Grittier, more retro-st
  8. I thought that was an excellent conference overall, not necessarily for Xbox but for Xbox Game Pass if that makes sense. However, the last announcement of Arkane Studios (Dishonored, Prey) making an open-world shooter with a heavy co-op focus has taken the shine off it slightly for me. They were one of the last major developers making immersive sims, so for them to now switch direction to a multiplayer shooter is disheartening Also the tone of the game in all respects - weaponry, dialogue, enemy designs and dynamic seemed uninspired.
  9. I thought the Outer World's first biome was amazing, with many different quest solutions and political intrigue. But it quickly lost momentum and collapsed in the final act.
  10. Doesn't seem to be that standout game yet really does there? Perhaps that'll be Starfield.
  11. That Party Animals game looks amazing, can't even imagine how funny it'll be to play that in local multiplayer.
  12. Think this has been a really good conference - primarily as an advertisement for Game Pass
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