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  1. Watchdogs 2 Given its original 2016 release, a lot of the themes and particularly the internet meme humour is pretty dated. However, visually this still looks really great even by today’s standards. The San Francisco Bay Area map is expansive, vibrant and packed with stuff to do. Unfortunately this game typifies Ubisoft’s saturated approach to open-world design, there’s a complete overload of activities, waypoints and clutter everywhere. The game just doesn’t seem to have that smoothness in moment-to-moment gameplay that I’d ideally want either. Feel like the stealth encounters suffer from too much open-ended mayhem to be satisfying.
  2. Puss In Boots: The Last Wish Absolutely brilliant animated film. The painterly visual style employed throughout is sumptuous and really amplifies the frenetic, dazzling action sequences. Antonio Banderas is again superb in the leading role, with some truly memorable song + dance numbers interspersed well with more somber and unexpectedly affecting meditations on self-belief, worthiness and legacy. The main villain is awesome and the film as a whole struck the delicate balance of satirical, upending humour and relatable domestic strife that the main Shrek franchise did. Really loved it.
  3. I would love to see the club try and re-sign Mikel Merino, think he would add so much quality to our midfield.
  4. 6 I’m happy with all the signings we’ve made. Kuol, Gordon and Ashby all seem to be exciting young talents with a real desire to be a success at Newcastle. Crucially, they all seem to have really bought into Howe’s ethos, and as illustrated in their interviews all believe they can progress under his management. My concern is that going into the window, it seemed like a CM was a priority position to strengthen. However, at the end of the window, we’re actually weaker in that area. This concern is somewhat tempered by a recognition that the club and by extension recruitment is guided by a firm strategy, which will hopefully yield a positive outcome in the summer. I also think we’ve again let ourselves be messed about by other teams. Last year it was Man United with Lingard and this year it’s been Chelsea with Gallagher. From reports, it seems Chelsea were simply not willing to negotiate with us at any point in the window, so I’m not sure why we were still trying for their players, it comes across as naive to an external observer.
  5. An unforgettable night for him, whatever happens in his Newcastle career, he’ll have this game and moment for the rest of his life. All credit to him and he deserves it.
  6. Can’t believe it, we’re actually in a cup final. This means absolutely everything.
  7. If Fraser leaves tomorrow, we’ve done a good job moving out some higher-earners this window. Ritchie, Clark, Dummett, Gillespie and Matty Longstaff all out of contract in the summer as as well.
  8. Harsh like, but I’d be massively concerned if we were in a position where Anderson was starting any game in midfield for us the rest of the season. He doesn’t look ready yet for this level. I wouldn’t really count him as an option.
  9. I thought our owners supposedly had a very good relationship with Chelsea’s? Doesn’t seem to be the case at all.
  10. Dias has been well worth it for City though, not that bad of a fee either. The others are way more egregious.
  11. Fulham may not be as interested now they’ve signed a midfielder from Torino today.
  12. Chelsea are already committed on roughly £90m for Nkunku and Gusto in summer as well. Their combined £60m sponsorship for shirt (Three) and sleeve (some crypto company) are coming to an end this summer.
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