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  1. Aye. It doesn't really matter what the tories campaign on though. Once in they do what they want.
  2. They might as well just say "we know we have to do better". Seems to work for the tories.
  3. Happinesstan


    I believe they have to let you carry them over if you haven't had an opportunity to take them. Not sure how COVID and WFH affects this mind.
  4. So Martinez is also open to a return? I bet It's Nunez in the end. Just getting a few last losing bets on the cards.
  5. Things are looking up. The common man trying to bankrupt the hedgies and superstar footballers refusing to cooperate with Coke's marketing shenanigans. REVOLUTION
  6. Happinesstan

    Stand-up Comedy

    I've just come across Tayor Tomlinson. She's a bit like Amy Schumer with dwarfism. Her comedy appears to be well worked out it just doesn't seem to fit her, if that makes sense. She seems like she's maybe 23, but her comedy is more relevant to a 40 year old.
  7. That was quite enjoyable, enough to make me watch more. Thing is, I haven't been interested in England for years, so i hardly know any of the players, so there are no inflated reputations to make them seem egotistical. Thy seem like a decent bunch. Fuck me, even Harry Maguire had quite a charming smile.
  8. Remember when Colina was unique for his baldness?
  9. Me neither. Look at her close up, that make-up hides a lot of hideousness.
  10. Grated cheese is not 'grated' at all. It is produced like that. I'm not sure it's cheese even. Certainly no mention of cheese on the packet. Grated Cheddar aye, but no mention of it being cheese..
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