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  1. Aye. You'll probably be dead before your imagination can come up with a pathetic stereotype that does nothing but reflect your own misery.
  2. Too many people too quick to say "give him 200k per week". Agents live and breathe by these people.
  3. Always ben a Man U cunt, condescending to us. But now he's afraid he's showing his true cowardice.
  4. I don't think where we finish matters that much, this season. As long as he's happy at the club. I suspect where we start next season will have a bigger influence on his belief in 'the project'.
  5. The market to be exploited is far bigger than 52000, but I'm not sure if bigger crowds improve the atmosphere in any way.
  6. That's what gets my goat with VAR, when they say it worked in our favour because it got a correct decision. It's just another element to be analysed and fill TV time.
  7. I always remember it getting steadily faster, but we used to sing it for four choruses. maybe the "want it now" mentality of today's expectant youth, has changed it forever.
  8. Happinesstan

    Dan Burn

    maybe I meant most replaceable, I dunno. Definitions are changing week to week.
  9. Happinesstan

    Dan Burn

    There was a moment, early on where he was in a tight defensive position and gave the ball away, that I thought "Targett wouldn't have done that", but thought I was being harsh. Then he did it further up the pitch and I thought "fuck him, get Targett on". The beauty is they're both players that i love to see in the team sheet.
  10. Happinesstan

    Dan Burn

    I've said nothing that contradicts your reasons for disagreement.
  11. i think his genius goes beyond his plan. I would have had no problem if Joelinton and Maxi had replaced Longstaff and Murphy, but Howe had the composure to trust in them both.
  12. If he's openly gay then he won't be subject to the same analysis as your average male.
  13. Not exactly a pet hate a such, but women fitting a toilet seat and going on with their lives as if they're fucking perfect, while every time you go for a piss you have to hold the seat up.
  14. Yes. That's where we are now. If Murphy can defy expectations, then living up to them is no longer worthy of comment. I think it's a Ferris Bueller quote but life moves fast, if you don't stop once in a while to look around, you miss it.
  15. I'm delighted with Murphy's performances. I'm just reiterating the fact that sometimes, when you're a well run club, the starting line-u doesn't always dictate the result you would expect.
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