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  1. I'll be honest, I'm prepared to wait. We were going down anyway before the takeover, so let the useless twat continue to destroy his reputation, and sanity. Focus on getting the facilities up to standard and sell the dream to the right manager. If that is as a championship club, so be it.
  2. It's imperative that we make the correct decision. The lack of urgency could also be seen as a lack of panic. Two weeks ago we were set for relegation with Ashley, and Chorlton and the wheelies. Now there is a clear intention to update facilities [I'm sure they can be completed within a year] so things are better.
  3. Interestingly, that was Bruce's initial response to the suggestion of getting Jones in.
  4. "We want to be the world's top restaurant" "With such ambitions you must have an amazing kitchen, I can't wait to see it" "Oh you wouldn't believe it, we've got a sodastream and a waffle maker"
  5. They have a right to expect that, mind. If I'm offered a new job as Restaurant Manager, I want to know they have a fucking kitchen.
  6. Aye. A slug is better than Bruce [at least it recognises itself as a slug]. But to be honest, any competent football manager would be an improvement, we just need a quite huge improvement.
  7. Give them 2.5 years, target to build a solid top ten team, that can form the basis for our back up going forward.
  8. Nobody is going to pay this bloke the wages he expects. Might get a game in the Sunday Leagues, if somebody has a hangover worse than his.
  9. Let's get Viera in, for next week. Then sack him and get Tuchel for the week after.
  10. I think we have a responsibility to help cut out his post match drinking, by never playing him again.
  11. We're in a shit state mind. But we've got the basis of an effective counter-attacking team, With a decent defensive coach we could change overnight. Contrary to opinion.
  12. The look on Amanda's face says it all. She knows she made the right decision. And this is while we're shite.
  13. Was going to say similar. Lascelles was confident that he had Rafa's backing. I'm not even sure he'd be grateful for Bruce's.
  14. Aye but that welcome must have strengthened their resolve to succeed. I still have reservations about our new owners, but I'm a lot more positive now. Everybody needs to do what they feel is right, of course. But today was an example of the positivity that can come of this strange partnership.
  15. Beautiful. Had a tear in my eye. And everybody's comments have had a repeat reaction. We're at the end of an emotional journey, and the beginning of a brand new one. People are going to have to get used to being happy.
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