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  1. Maybe re-read the post you were responding to for clarification. All the information is there.
  2. That was a rhetorical question, the sole purpose of which was to help you find the [already given] answer to your own question. Thick cunt.
  3. Can't help thinking he knows the fans don't like Ryder and thought targeting him would curry favour.
  4. Then it's a bit of a stupid question. Don't you think?
  5. Has a twelve year old lived any life?
  6. Isn't that what young kids do, though? An identity is created by living your life, it's not something you decide upon at the age of 12.
  7. This is great. Too short if anything. Incredible, aside from a few obvious pointers, that it's from 2004. And his prediction re. "boomer" was spot on. How Language Is Used to Deceive You By the English Teacher You Wish You Had - YouTube
  8. That's pretty clear cut, and wrong. This is a little more ambiguous. What is defined as gay? Loving a member of the same sex or partaking in sexual activities with a member of the same sex? Because I'd prefer it if everybody kept their sexual activities behind closed doors, if I'm honest. I grew up around gay people and it never did me any harm, but they weren't trying to impose an ideal image of gay onto me, they were just themselves. People. Typically, if anything they conformed to hetero stereotypes with both happily assuming the role of husband or wife. i'm not a big fan o
  9. Not nit-picking but he actually said "about 6". I don't think he even knows how many were away.
  10. Every individual that you meet gives a unique impression of what their gender might mean. The more people we meet the more confusing it can get, especially since over time the standardised ideals evolve, but in reality it should, quite simply, lead one to conclude that there is no such thing as the standardised ideal, and just be fucking happy with who you are, and leave what you are to the curtain twitching freaks. It's the easiest thing in the world to relate to a child that doesn't want to be their assigned gender, based on their perceived differences to those assigned a similar gender
  11. People, everybody, lies about who they are. Have done since the beginning of time. Also nobody is omitting people by not accommodating them. If I'm having a dinner party and can't be arsed with catering for vegans I don't invite vegans.
  12. Nobody fits into the binary. I can accept that boys won't be boys, I just wonder what makes them so sure they're girls.
  13. Ordinary milk is approx 50p per litre, oat milk £1.69 [quick google check], then you probably need a separate fridge to store it in.
  14. Council tax next in line for an increase to pay for brexit social care.
  15. Yeah. I won't settle for anything less than long term psychological damage.
  16. Gordon Brown, hung drawn and quartered for talking about somebody behind their back.
  17. It's not easy when you pretend to be something you're not, though. The likes of Prescott was slick as fuck, because he didn't pretend to be a posh twat. Lamped a member of the public and got away with it.
  18. As long as he is never allowed to forget "how's the bacon" I'll be satisfied.
  19. I imagine it was this professional attitude that first alerted Sir Alex to his potential.
  20. She was semi critical of Blair.
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