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  1. How was that tackle on Schär on a penalty?
  2. Christ, needed over 2,5 goals in the Leipzig game for a few accas to come in. Like when does that never happen? Should change my strategy to only betting on Atalanta to win with different handicaps & btts
  3. After months of having terrible luck I finally had my redemption today being up £1300. This probably didnt do other than having me break even for the year, but it feels great. Funny thing is that I went rather heavy on a few bets (10-50 pound stakes), but the two that came through were £2,5 10&11 games accumulators. Love the 2nd division in Holland for goals galores. Had won 500 more if Bayern would win by 2, but shouldve known that o2,5 goals would be better after the international break. Found my inspiration using forebets for the first time. Will bookmark that
  4. Yeah she would never say this if it wasnt for the wannabe-ban on new sponsorship deals. Shes calling out the bullshit knowing the lawyers will have a field day in court. Love her ❤️
  5. The other 19 are probably dropping some hints that any manager who signs with us will never be appointed elsewhere in the PL
  6. Having a really unlucky period now. Had at least 4 accas that missed out on 1 goal for 1000-5500£ wins in the last 2 months. Today I only needed over 2,5 goals in the Liverpool game for 1500£ and there were two goals disallowed by VAR. Time to take some time off betting I guess
  7. Happy I didnt bet tonight. Wouldve lumped on Bayern
  8. Cant see that the reason for the statement is that someone has been offended. Think the club released this statement to prevent the tea-towel part of the fanbase to give fuel to anyone who yells "sportswashing". Think every newspaper in Norway has had some sort of article the last few days comparing the pictures of our dressed up fans with a picture of MBS or Khashoggi. Not exactly good PR.
  9. Great day for the club. Lets forget this cunt ever existed. Onwards and upwards
  10. Needed one more goal in the Bournemouth game for 1k and a Milan goal on a different slip for 1,7k. Hate betting
  11. Bayern scoring 3 goals in 3 minutes against Leverkusen. 5-0 now
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