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  1. In case anyone is interested. We were safe by 1 point (29) on 03-05 April 2021 having played 30 games with 8 left, naturally. Would've been much sooner if we didn't have to tolerate that '2 wins from 19' patch Bruce so kindly gave us.
  2. One for the conspiracy theorists: Did he twang a Bra strap or an 'under the shirt' Braces strap from 32-36 seconds? Freemason sybology needed?
  3. See what I mean, it's like the riddles on 3-2-1 from years ago. Could be a dream prize or equally Dusty the Makem!
  4. Regardless of anything else I find the analysis of Nick De Marco's photo tweets strangely fascinating.
  5. Because they don't? Due diligence alone takes weeks. Replying to this and the others above. I mean the first public announcement of Takeover rather than the actual full process of takeover. Ask yourself why NUFC under Ashley dont seem to have the ability to stall the information leak until its almost complete as almost every other FC seem to have done in recent history.
  6. Has anyone stopped and wondered why other Football Club takeovers happen either immediately or within a 24-48 hour period except NUFC's under Ashley? Don't get me wrong I'd love it to happen but all this protracted spculation is BS.
  7. I thought it was meant to be Mary Poppins. Seems a familiar comparrison was once made...
  8. I seem to remember a story that it was him and one or two other players, because "The Secret Footballer's" career didn't ever match any single player? I seem to recall he came up with 'The Secret Footballer' pseudonym partly to protect his identity as most people would'nt be remotely interested in what he had to say as he was largely irrelevant in terms of being a highly influential/respected peer of his group. The latter of which would be helpful in terms of shifting books from shelves. Simply a clever way to sell more books due to his lack of notoriety.
  9. Not to be all Daily Mail about it, but it really is disgraceful that they're getting a combined 17 years or so for selling illegal football streams, when you consider the paltry sentences you see banded about for things like drunk drive sentences where someone's died as a result. Completely agree with you but I suspect the high sentence is due to the fact that they are a small group of inidividuals versus a rich global corporation in todays definitely no so skewed society.
  10. Especially impressed that he didn't let the knuckledraggers from Burnley get him sent off. Keep it up fella.
  11. Dubravka seemed like he had a point to prove with his jump/takes. Perfect response for recent criticisms.
  12. Surely there should be 2 more subs and 10 more mins to fetch our 'heed tha balls' in for the brawl that Burnley clearly want in extra time?
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