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  1. OverThere

    Joe Willock

    Willock was back to where he plays best: further forward. DM and CB are where we need the investment
  2. I doubt Man U will deal with us as helping us go down would delay the competition for a further year. Move on
  3. Is Iron Mike available? Still an upgrade on Capt Calamity.
  4. I imagine Manu would rather we went down. 10m to them is neither here nor there
  5. I'll be amazed if this happens. In fact every single club is coming in with massive demands: in summary I would be more likely to go for players that have a) a release clause that is not crazy or b) champo level players on the rise.
  6. Maybe we need to be aiming a bit lower. Since we have Championship CBs and where we are in the table are CL standard players realistic?
  7. OverThere

    Paul Dummett

    Almiron failed to track the runner. I thought Dummett was decent.
  8. Wingers kept cutting inside instead of going outside and getting the cross in. Bizarre
  9. OverThere

    Chris Wood

    It weakens Burnley significantly and Norwich are down. That means we need to scramble above Watford, who we just happen to be playing next and now we actually have a double digit per season striker. Or we can all wet our knickers because it isn't Messi.
  10. OverThere

    Chris Wood

    The most common sense post I have read in a while
  11. Did Manquillo not serve his ban in the cup tie if so could he not play LB.
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